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There's a better way to spend our tax money than generous funding Portland's police force

Education, housing, mental health clinics and alcohol/drug rehab would do far more to make Portland a more livable city than funding a police force which was so recently received a negative review by the FBI.
It seems to me that our police force is out of touch with reality. In spite of a negative review by the FBI, their union has insisted upon rehiring an officer who is emblematic of why so many Portland residents tend to look at their police with distaste and suspicion. Even with Officer Frashour gone, the Portland Police Department would still have its resident neo-Nazi, and the officer(s) who bean-bagged a 12 year old girl - among other questionably fit officers. Fully funding the police would still mean that peaceful, unarmed demonstrators would be faced with police who come looking like Darth Vader and armed to the teeth. Some of us have little hope that Portland's police can be made to understand that they are supposed to serve all of Portland's citizens - not just its oligarchs and their property. We have so little hope precisely because our City Council chose to fund them so generously in the midst of the FBI investigation; cynics among us realize that our city's politicians owe their souls to the Downtown Business Alliance and other oligarchs who helped fill their campaign chests. The fact that we citizens are among this country's most law abiding doesn't mean that we will continue to remain passive while our tax money is spent so inappropriately.

We citizens, I think, must begin to vote for politicians like Chris Henry, the Progressive Party's candidate for Oregon Attorney General; Chris has stated his intention, if elected, to enforce Oregon's campaign finance restrictions. In the meantime, I'm wondering if we Portland citizens shouldn't shame Portland's officers into accepting Frashour's dismissal. Until Frashour is dismissed - along with the kind of officer(s) who bean-bagged a 12 year old girl - I think we should salute every officer we see with big yellow fingers - yellow being the color symbolic of cowards. I would strongly recommend that those courageous citizens who wear yellow have a friend along to film possible police brutality.

For those of you who need more background on this article: please watch the u-tube video published by Joe Anybody: