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A Japanese Admiral once said about the Attack on Pearl Harbor.. "I fear we have awakened the sleeping tiger."

This morning as I was trying to open my computer email; the email could not be opened. Message on computer "Could not open another unit using service." Same thing on my MajicJack.. As everything was re-arraigning on the computer.. finally I was able to make a call..
Unfortunately every day contacts are not answering their phones whereas they could be warned regarding a message I was given at 8:10 A.M. this date which was "Make certain your car is filled with gas before this weekend. Make certain there is ample food and water in house. There is a scheduled 'exercise' which may or may not turn into something else this weekend."

When we brought my husband Col. Russell Herrmann/Herrman/Herman home on November 17, 1993, his men asked him: Russell what in the world happened?! Russell sat in his chair with that "1,000 yard stare"... Finally he made the following statement
"If the American People ever wake up, and find out what the Federal Government has really done; I would not want to be in the Executive Branch. I would not want to be a Member of Congress or Senate, state of federal. I would not want to be a judge on the bench. I would not want to be a lawyer. I would not want to be even the local dog catcher. Because; The American People will round all of them up; Give them a fair trial and hang them on the Capitol Steps [end quote]."

[I have since heard Ex-President George H.W. Bush #41 made a similar statement after his resignation from THE CARLYLE GROUP.]

All things being equal and equally considered.. in all probability we are looking at the OCTOBER SURPRISE as
Hackers, Possibly From Middle East, Block U.S. Banks' Websites
By ENJOLI FRANCIS | ABC News - 17 hrs ago

The financial and banking industries are on high alert tonight as a massive cyberattack continues, with potentially millions of customers of Bank of America, PNC and Wells Fargo finding themselves blocked from banking online.
"There is an elevated level of threat," said Doug Johnson, a vice president and senior adviser of the American Bankers Association. "The threat level is now high."

"This is twice as large as any flood we have ever seen," said Dick Clarke, an ABC News consultant and former cybersecurity czar.

Sources told ABC News that the so-called denial of service attacks had been caused by hackers from the Middle East who had secretly transmitted signals commandeering thousands of computers worldwide.

Those computers -- or "zombies" -- were then used to overwhelm bank websites with a barrage of electronic traffic.

Different banks have been targeted on different days.

Today was PNC Bank's turn: For three hours, ABC News tried to get on the PNC website to no avail.

On Facebook, a frustrated customer, Cynthia Schirm, wrote, "Trying to pay bills. This is ridiculous."

"Hopefully it can be up soon," wrote Stacy Briggs-Gerlach. "Never realized how dependent I am on it!!!" continued

 link to news.yahoo.com

On to Europe and Asia..as to how this situation is stacking up to reach "the point of no return?"..

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The United States is temporarily withdrawing more staff from its embassy in Libya's capital for security reasons, but hopes to return them to Tripoli early next week, the U.S. State Department said on Thursday.

"This is a temporary further drawdown of staff for security reasons. We will review our posture again early next week with the goal of restoring staff as soon as conditions allow," a State Department official said in New York, where Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is attending the U.N. General Assembly.

The senior official declined to say how many staff were being withdrawn or discuss specifics.

U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed during what Washington has called a terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi on September 11. continued  link to news.yahoo.com

Eurozone crisis: How the figures stack up  link to edition.cnn.com

See Photos:  link to images.search.yahoo.com

One must admit these are disturbing photographs.. However, One Photo brings to mind a piece of "History" brought about by the Banking Crash of the 1340's... which brought about the French Revolution and Guillotines by those in Public Offices of Public Trust looked down their nose's at the rabble rousing "unwashed mass's, the hungry, jobless, poor".. The "Rable" of the unwashed mass's, the hungry, jobless and poor once again can be seen in this mind jolting epic scene as voices shouted
Madrid, Spain (CNN) -- Thousands of protesters fed up with the country's austerity measures demonstrated here Tuesday outside the congressional building.

Clashes between police and demonstrators in central Madrid's Neptuno Square resulted in 28 people being hurt, two of them police officers, a police spokesman said.

Demonstrators said police were shooting into the crowd with rubber bullets; the police would not comment.

"We have you surrounded," some demonstrators sang. "We have no fear."

 link to images.search.yahoo.com ..

Published: Thursday, September 27, 2012, 12:01 a.m.
1. Europe's austerity plans spark violent riots (video)
Spain suffers 25 percent unemployment while Greece is at 24 percent.
GO TO:  http://www.heraldnet.com/article/20120927/NEWS02/709279867/1004

2. 28 September 2012 Last updated at 09:37 ET
China's Bo Xilai expelled and accused of corruption
Top Chinese politician Bo Xilai has been expelled from the Communist Party and will face justice, state media say.

Mr Bo, the ex-Communist Party leader in the city of Chongqing, is accused of abuse of power and corruption.

His wife, Gu Kailai, was given a suspended death sentence in August for murdering UK national Neil Heywood.

The scandal has overshadowed the party congress that will oversee China's change of leadership. It will begin on 8 November, state media have announced.

The BBC's Martin Patience in Beijing says the Bo Xilai announcement ends months of speculation over the fate of a man who was once one of China's most powerful politicians.

Our correspondent says it is clear China's leaders wanted to try to end the damaging revelations, with the once-in-a-decade leadership change looming.

He says Mr Bo's career is over and he will almost certainly spend time in jail.

'Grave repercussions'
Mr Bo has not been seen in public since shortly after the scandal erupted and it was announced he was under investigation. He was suspended from his party posts in April.

Reporting an official statement from a party leaders' meeting, the state news agency, Xinhua, said Mr Bo stood accused of corruption, abuse of power, bribe-taking and improper relations with women. Continued  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-19755035


Bo Xilai, the former Communist Party chief in Chongqing, was once seen as a high-flyer tipped for top office. But he has been expelled from the Communist Party and is to face prosecution. His wife given a suspended death sentence for the murder of British businessman Neil Heywood. The BBC looks at how China's biggest political scandal in years unfolded.

2 Feb: Chongqing city government announces that its popular police chief, Wang Lijun, has been shifted to another job. It is a demotion - and is the first public confirmation that the policeman has fallen out with Chongqing's Communist Party boss, Bo Xilai.

6 Feb: Mr Wang flees to the US consulate in Chengdu, near Chongqing. Many believe he went there to seek asylum. He spends the night at the consulate, which is surrounded by Chinese police.

7 Feb: The police chief is persuaded to leave the consulate after Chongqing's mayor rushes to the scene to talk to him. Mr Wang emerges into the waiting arms of the law and then disappears.

8 Feb: The Chongqing government says that because of over-work Mr Wang is suffering from stress and is now receiving "holiday-style medical treatment". In fact, he is under investigation and in detention.

5-14 Mar: Bo Xilai takes his seat at China's annual parliamentary session in Beijing. He keeps an unusually low profile amid rumours that Mr Wang's actions have tarnished his chances of promotion to the party's politburo Standing Committee later this year.

14 Mar: At a news conference, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao indirectly criticises Bo Xilai for his handling of the Wang Lijun incident. It is the first comment from a senior national leader on the issue, and shows Mr Bo is in a precarious position.

15 Mar: China announces that Bo Xilai has been removed from his post as party chief in Chongqing. Officials confirm that this is because of the Wang Lijun incident. He disappears from public view.

20 Mar: A leaked audio recording suggests Bo Xilai and his police chief fell out when Mr Wang told his boss of an investigation into Mr Bo's family. Another rumour suggests Mr Bo could be linked to the death of a British businessman, Neil Heywood, who died in Chongqing last November.

26 Mar: UK government confirms it has asked China to re-examine Neil Heywood's death.

10 Apr: China announces that Bo Xilai has been stripped of his Communist Party posts and that his wife, Gu Kailai, and an orderly are being investigated in connection with Mr Heywood's death.

25 Apr: Bo Xilai's son, Bo Guagua, writes an open letter to his university, Harvard. He insists he does not live an extravagant life and says his education has been funded by scholarships and his mother's earnings as a lawyer. He says he has no comment to make about the investigation.

26 Apr: Bo Xilai's elder brother, Bo Xiyong, resigns his post at a state-owned Chinese company in Hong Kong. It was revealed that he was using another name to conduct business there.

26 Apr: The New York Times reports that Bo Xilai ran a wire-tapping network across Chongqing, with his officials even listening in to a phone call involving President Hu Jintao.

16 May: A group of veteran Communist Party members write to President Hu Jintao, asking him to sack known Bo Xilai supporter Zhou Yongkang. They allege that Mr Zhou, currently in charge of China's security apparatus, is part of a movement to revive the China of Mao Zedong.

23 May: Bo Xilai's name is not included on the list of delegates for the municipality's party conference, an indication of an imminent major reshuffle.

24 May: Bo Xilai's son, Bo Guagua, graduates from Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government in the US.

17 June: Cambodia detains French architect Patrick Devillers, who knew Bo Xilai and his wife, reportedly at the request of the Chinese authorities.

18 June: Chongqing's new leader, Zhang Dejiang, tells a municipal party congress that the Bo Xilai scandal "gravely damaged" the image of the country and the Communist Party.

17 July: Patrick Devillers voluntarily flies to Beijing, where he is said to be wanted as a witness by the Chinese authorities. French diplomats who later meet him say he is in "good shape". It is unclear where he is and if he is under investigation.

26 July: Gu Kailai and her aide Zhang Xiaojun have been charged with "intentional homicide," China's Xinhua state news agency reports.

3 August: Lawyers announce that Gu Kailai will go on trial on 9 August in the eastern city of Hefei for the murder of Neil Heywood.

9 August: Gu Kailai and Zhang Xiaojun go on trial for murder in Hefei. The court says they do not contest the charges, and adjourns ahead of a verdict.

20 August: Gu Kailai given a suspended death sentence for the murder of Neil Heywood. Zhang Xiaojun is given a nine-year prison sentence.

5 September: Wang Lijun charged with defection, power abuse and bribe taking.

17 September: Wang Lijun's trial starts in secret in Chengdu.

18 September: His trial ends.

24 September: Wang Lijun convicted and jailed for 15 years - a more lenient sentence than expected because he co-operated with the police investigation.

28 September: Bo Xilai is expelled from the Communist Party, and will face justice, according to state news agency Xinhua.


28 September 2012 Last updated at 06:22 ET

Bo Xilai scandal: Key players  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-17752064

Documented Source of all the corruption, comingling, abuse of fiduciary, breech of trust etc., etc.,

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Have the People awakened?