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Netanyahu Caught Ignoring Top IAEA ‘No Iran Bomb’ Report. World Renown Nuke Expert Nails B

Once again the ju's will be blamed for what is and has been done by the ZIONIST
Netanyahu Caught Ignoring Top IAEA 'No Iran Bomb' Report

World Renown Nuke Expert Nails Bibi to the Wall on Iran Bomb Threat

... by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor ... with Press TV

... and featuring Clinton Bastin, Chemical Engineer, Atomic Energy Commission, ret.

"Sure, Iran could divert a few tons of 3.5% or a ton of 20% enriched uranium hexaflouride gas for enrichment to 90+%. But what then? No one has ever made a nuclear weapon from gas."

This week a letter was sent to President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu by Clinton Bastin, lead consultant to the IAEA and their top expert in the area of nuclear weapons design and processes.

To us the complete letter below outlines that the IAEA has been hijacked by elements unfamiliar with nuclear weapons that seem to be "tasked" with gross misrepresentations of science and physics in order to support the concept that Iran has a nuclear weapons program.

Bastin assumes these horrific errors are due to incompetence. He spent 40 years as a nuclear weapons designer for the United States involved hands on daily work in advanced physics and the most complicated and dangerous manufacturing and assembly process known to man. But many of us, on the other hand, have spent our lives hunting down conspirators and are busy still doing it.

Clinton has spent his life supporting safe nuclear energy, supporting international efforts to prevent nuclear proliferation and serving his country, initially in combat in World War II and in a lifetime of achievement at the Department of Energy and working with a wide variety of organizations including the IAEA and president of the 900,000 member Nuclear Workers Union.

Bastin is also a retired Marine officer. Fortunately for us all, he has been Veterans Today's top nuke consultant since I found him living right here in Atlanta with me.

My chemical engineering undergrad work was a bit dated, but he invested the time to take me through the evaluation steps, several times, until the light went on. Enriching uranium to bomb grade levels is a very complex process, but converting the material into a functioning weapons platform has another whole set of opportunities for blowing the place up.

Chernobyl - the first Big One

After the Chernobyl disaster, nuclear workers worldwide banded to together create safety standards to avoid another such tragedy.

While we have some detractors who feel we are too close to Iran on this nuclear threat stuff, the following letter of Clinton to Netanyahu, Obama, and general Amato will prove to all that our position was based on hard Intel. We have known all along that Bibi was bluffing on the Iran bomb threat.

And while American mass media has never picked on the articles we have done on Clinton's material, top Israeli military and Intelligence people have. These include such stalwarts as Meir Dagan, former head of their Mossad.

The New York Times might have published some letter excerpts, but nothing else. Our appreciation for our own media took a nose dive when we saw them lying by omission by not giving Mr. Bastin's view national exposure. Such oversights, I assure you, do not happen by accident.

And as we go into the last weeks of the presidential campaigns here we can see that even a presidential contender with his NeoCon commandos are also caught trying to ride the fake bomb threat into the White house, where they have already promised to pull the trigger, which will be an instant disaster for all the rest of us.

Nuremberg - Where are the trial when you really need them?

To launch a preemptive strike based on bogus Intel would be a war crime under the Nuremberg precedents, as it would truly be an offensive act, not really a defensive one.But there is a double hoax in play here.

We are sitting here with this totally bizarre situation where Israel, a rogue nation in terms of it's huge weapons of mass destruction programs and stockpiles.

The Israelis have completely ignored any international responsibility for their actions and yet have the gall to demand red lines of others.

I think it is time for the people of the world to issue Israel some red lines. And now is the perfect time. We have Clinton's letter below, and we have General Shaul Horev, director of the Israeli Nuclear Energy Committee with his latest comment about any plans for discussing a nuclear free Mid East soon:

"In order to realize this idea there is need for prior conditions and a complete reversal of the current trend in the area," Horev said. "This is an idea born in other areas and alien to the reality and political culture of the area. Nuclear demilitarization in the Middle East, according to the Israeli position, will be possible only after the establishment of peace and trust among the states of the area, as a result of a local initiative, not of external coercion."

General, now Dr. Shaul Horev

But it gets worse. Horev goes back to the tradition 'victim well' with more threat hoaxes, the silly faked quote of Iran wanting to wipe Israelis off the map, and this new one, that Assad would use chemical weapons against the rebels of give them to Hezbollah.

article continues with PICS at source:  link to www.veteranstoday.com