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Single Payer Health Insurance Is A Great Deal For Everybody

Single payer health insurance is much better than private health insurance.
With single payer health insurance everybody will save lots of money. Think about this. The next time you go to the eye doctor for an eye exam, glasses and frames for your eye glasses. With private health insurance they will find a way to not pay their fair share of the bill for your eye glasses, frames and eye exam. So the best solution for americans here in the U.S. is to get rid of the private health insurance companies and have single payer health insurance. A good place for you to start is at the internet site of ( Single Payer Action ) where you will find that they want to have a government run single payer health insurance. Ths single payer health insurance that "Single Payer Action" wants well have no co-pays, deductibles, bills, denial of claims because of pre-existing conditions, rescinded health insurance, lifetime or yearly caps on your benefits. When you go to the internet site of ( Single Payer Action ) you will find that they have lots of news stories about single payer health insurance. So before you go and vote this november think about all of the good things you will have with single payer health insurance which the democrats want and what the republicans in the U.S. Congress will NEVER vote for.