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Video: Protest of the REINSTATEMENT of Officer Frashour 9.25.12. City Hall in Portland

Around 75 people gathered in front of Portland City Hall to protest the re-hiring of of Officer Frashour. This picket was to protest the Employment Relations Board's decision that the City of Portland must reinstate Officer Ron Frashour, who shot Aaron Campbell in the back in 2010.
This was filmed on 9.25.12 at the press conference / protest picket in front of city hall in Portland. I arrived late and missed the beginning of the protest and speeches

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhLyrXoZAv0 (video 8 min)

This video has two of the speakers from the press conference and then a couple comment from those in attendance.

One of the speakers was Aaron Campbell's step father.

[Announcement Post]  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2012/09/418521.shtml

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ron frashour's reinstatement 2 video clips 01.Oct.2012 22:15

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more video footage found on YouTube from this protest

Part 1
 http://youtu.be/JghJG2krw9o ( 3 min )

Part 2
 http://youtu.be/HudN9J-bUQs ( 2 min )

Part 3
 http://youtu.be/m-ka0MiPxGY ( 1 min )