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De-sexing ourselves should be made illegal.

Love Babies; Other countries understand it. Reasons why this outrage should be no longer permitted by anyone.
9 Reasons why you should never circumcise! Or Los Orgasm! 1) Takes off 1/3 or more of your natural Organ. 2) *Gives you erectile dysfunction. 3) Takes away from your libido or Mo Jo4) Shortens Organ 2 to 3 inches or more. 5) Destroys thousands of Nerve endings. 6) At times separates parents from siblings. 7) Some babies die over it. [AAP states average per year is 117 babies die.] 8) Causes mismanagement + Mistrust. 9) Condom ensures better work. Moses didn't have it done. Why should others have it done when there's better technology? Paul in Galatians preached against it several times! Practiced in the near east Abraham during a grueling difficult time because he had a desert condition that causes it not to work in order to conceive Isaac. If God did not want us to have foreskin; it wouldn't be there! At that time of millennium century it was okay. %%% Lather yourself extra well before that wonderful special moment. %%% *Erectile Dysfunction happens when you're circumcised! Sincerely: Make it a concerned choice! WWW.ColoradoNoCirc.org WWW.StopinfantCircumcision.org, info@intact.net, www.catholicsagainstcircumcision.org WWW.intactnews.org, TheWHOLEnetwork.org info@intactAmerica.org Director@jewsagainstcircumcision.org, **What ever happened to the bill of rights, American values of fairness, The religious right, or free will to freely choose as an Individual? Girl or Boy genital mutilation should never happen. Make both parents sign off on this cult action. ***Proper application of ointment will prevent almost any track infection, latter on in years drink some cranberry juice on occasions, and it's next to impossible to get. Is it worth it?? YES, YES, YES, YES, YES I salute all those trying to find virtue, intactive or intactivist. An Individual decision, that the free will should be respected. Make COPIES, Pass them around. Get involved.

So you're against sex change operations? 18.Mar.2013 10:13