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VIDEO: OWS Anniversary & Solidarity With Colombian GM Workers Rally/March

Though its hard to believe, it's been one year since the initial OWS Occupation started a mass movement of the people. At one time, we had the largest of them all here in Portland. Occupiers took to the street in unison with injured and fired Colombian workers who have been exploited by GM and are now in 412 days of Occupying, sewing their mouths shut in a hunger strike.

On 9/17, Occupy Portland and many other local organizations such as PCASC, Witness For Peace and Portland Jobs With Justice joined forces to rally and march in solidarity with Colombian workers who are in a hunger strike and have been fired from their jobs in a General Motors affiliated manufacturing plant after recieving injuries which occured on the job. This day was also chosen as it is the one year anniversary of the Occupy movement which has helped create an outlet for upset Americans to voice their frustrations. A crowd of about 200 people were present for this action and it made its way to a Chevy dealership where protesters delivered a memo to be given to GM headquarters. The peaceful march and celebration ended in St. Francis Park, part of St. Francis Church, where Occupy Portland now operates.

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Occupy One Year Anniversary / Colombian GM Workers Solidarity March, Rally, & Speeches (Short)

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Video full version: GM Workers in Colonbia Solidarity - Occupy Portland 23.Sep.2012 16:08

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Full version is 26 minutes and available here: