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Why do Cops Kill? Competition

Why do Cops Kill the Poor? Competition for social services.
Why do cops Kill? What is it they fear? Is it simply competition for money.

I really have a hard time with the line, "I was in fear for my life."

Further these sanctioned murders are nation wide. These killings seem

systematic and are often union supported.

It is possible that there is a motive. Its may be murder for money!

Yes money. Both classes require money from the city, state and federal government.

Only one class carry guns. One class preys on another.

 link to news.yahoo.com

try again 23.Sep.2012 10:46

ya think?

Your post is a disconnect. You have not coherently reached a single conclusion. You offer your argument with no solid evidence or proof.

And the yahoo article adds nothing other that confusion to your argument.

"Why do cops Kill?"

Because they can. They can and they do so without hesitation because they know that they will get away with it.

"What is it they fear?"

Everything. Cops are not trained to avoid killing. They are trained to kill.

"Is it simply competition for money."

HUH?????? You don't support your argument in any form here.

And what does the article have to do with your argument?

"I really have a hard time with the line, "I was in fear for my life."" These words are known as The Seven Little Words. The seven little words that clears the argument and allows the cop killers to murder again and again. Again, in their training, the safety of the cop is first and foremost the framework in which cop culture walks. Everyone else is just collateral damage.