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What Almost Happened!!!!!!!!!!! and Who Stopped It.

Someone tried to start a war with Iran in 2007. A group of dedicated military people stopped that ill considered plan by telling the truth.
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A Brave Loyal American Prevents a USS Liberty Type False Flag Attack Saving Hundreds of Marines and Sailors

"These four women survive, all have worked with Veterans Today and make up a group of patriotic and honest Americans who put duty and honor before career and cash." ...Gordon

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Five years ago, an American woman serving in Bahrain single handedly stopped the United States government from a criminal attack on Iran and a series of "false flag" terror attacks on American troops and ships in the region.

American Neocons and Israeli lobby decided this was their last chance to start a war, one that would saddle the next president with a disaster of unprecedented proportions, fighting 3 wars during America's Bush driven economic collapse.

The plans were in motion, plans that would have eventually collapsed the United States, plans also aimed at the destruction of Iran and the enslavement of her people. One person, known to few, played a key role in stopping this disaster.

This is Gwyneth Todd, former member of President Clinton's National Security Council and top Middle East advisor. Stopping the Bush invasion would end her career and nearly cost her life.

Todd, though a ranking Navy official in 2007, was forced to flee Bahrain for her life, settling in Australia. Those who aided her were murdered, jailed, hunted.

Today she is raising a family, taking care of wildlife and serves as an editor for Veterans Today. This is part of a story few know, a desperate time and the heroic acts of one person, one who made a difference.