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Fluoridation: a horror story.

Fluoridation of water supplies: history, chemistry, devastating health consequences.
Background: The 9-19-2012 Portland. Oregon newsweekly Willamette Week has this:

The Portland City Council voted unanimously Sept. 12 to fluoridate Portland's water by mid-2014. Foes, seeking to refer the question to voters, say the council acted without regard to public opinion. We ask the candidates for mayor: Did the council do the right thing?"

Candidate Jefferson Smith said NO, candidate Charlie Wales answered YES, saying "I think the scientific evidence is very clear and overwhelming... if some folks disagree, they can go to the ballot with an initiative petition... And I don't plan to sign the petition... I support the decision the council's made."

Please see  http://www.ahealedplanet.net/fluoride.htm

FLUORIDATION: A HORROR STORY by researcher Wade Frazier was written to hopefully wake up "we the people" to the facts of deadly fluoridation. A quote:

"John Yiamouyiannis, in his influential 'Fluoride - The Aging Factor', described how the fluorine ion disrupts enzyme activity and attacks DNA and protein. In his theories, backed up by research, the fluorine ion particularly disrupts hydrogen bonds. When chemicals are dumped together, the elements that have a higher bonding affinity will "steal" the bonds from other elements. Because it holds its electrons more tightly than any other element, fluorine forms the smallest negatively charged ions of all the elements, and that small size allows them to go where larger ions cannot. Those fluorine ions can get into the nooks and crannies of larger molecules, such as enzymes and DNA, and wreak biological havoc. Those fluorine ions disrupt weaker bonds in those larger molecules, damaging or destroying the original substance, disabling its biochemical usefulness. The fluorine ion acts similarly to "free radicals" in the body, with its net electrical charge interfering with biochemical reactions. That is how the fluorine ion harms or kills people."

Fluoride - The Aging Factor: How to Recognize and Avoid the Devastating Effects of Fluoride (1993)
By John Yiamouyiannis,Ph.D., Biochemistry

For book description and reviews see:
 link to www.amazon.com

Reviewer/ researcher/ author Jay Seavey writes:

"Fluoride = metabolic poison, evil science, & social corruption. July 29, 1999

"A courageous and straightforward account of fluoride and the politics of fluoridation by one who was in the thick of the scientific and political battles for over a quarter of a century. Yiamouyiannis, a Ph.D. in biochemistry, documents with about 50 pages of references a very readable explanation of how fluoride upsets the body's collagen metabolism, causing damage to bones, teeth, connective tissue, arteries and skin; how it damages DNA and upsets the body's ability to repair its DNA, with tumors and cancer as a result; and how it damages enzymes and proteins, upsets the immune system, and causes autoimmune diseases. He thoroughly refutes the idea that fluoride is beneficial in preventing tooth decay, and that it has a useful function in human nutrition. It is, in fact, a toxic pollutant generated by many industries, such as the manufacturing of aluminum, phosphate fertilizer, steel, nuclear materials and fuels, ceramics, brick, glass, concrete, to name a few. These folks have turned a profit by disposing of this poison in our water supplies. Yiamouyiannis lays out the long, ugly, and outrageous history. He is a lot more even-tempered in his presentation than you will probably be after reading his book. A must-read for anyone contemplating the issue of water fluoridation, and wanting to do so from a factual basis. Further toward the "social corruption" aspect of water fluoridation, one may wish to read, by Jay Seavey: "Water Fluoridation and Crime in America" www.fluorideresearch.org/381/files/38111-22.pdf which reference is offered in memory of John Yiamouiannis - a great researcher - may he rest in peace."

Christopher Bryson, noted BBC investigative journalist, exposed the full history and horrors of fluoridation in his 2006 book 'The Fluoride Deception'. It is an extremely important book; there are many free-to-read pages and reviews at:

From the Publisher:

"Christopher Bryson is an excellent narrator, and he reports on recent research previously not known to me. Especially I am intrigued by the story about Phyllis Mullenix and her animal research on the influence of fluoride on behavior and brain development. . . . It is my sincere hope that his book will receive the attention it deserves and that its implications will be seriously considered." Dr. Arvid Carlsson, 2000 Nobel Prize Laureate for Medicine.

"In much the same way biologist Rachel Carson warned us over forty years ago in Silent Spring about the havoc and harm being caused by the misuse of persistent pesticides, journalist Christopher Bryson here lays bare the secret story and hidden dangers of the introduction of fluoride chemicals from the cold war era into our drinking water. The irrefutable evidence of duplicity and cover-up presented in this book is hair-raising. The Fluoride Deception presents a scorching indictment of how researchers and health care officials working closely with government agencies, big industry, and their attorneys have allowed themselves to surrender their responsibility for the medical well-being of their fellow citizens." Dr. Albert W. Burgstahler, former president of the International Society for Fluoride Research and Emeritus Professor of Organic Chemistry, University of Kansas.

"Bryson is right on in his emphasis on the ineffectiveness of fluoridation of water with industrial wastes, and its risks of nerve and brain damage, and cancer, coupled with the long-standing industrial conspiracy to suppress this information." Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition and Professor Emeritus of Environmental and Occupational Medicine, University of Illinois School of Public Health.

"The Fluoride Deception compellingly and inescapably exposes the murderous fraud that heads of state and industry have for decades perpetrated on an innocent public. Extremely well written and tightly researched, The Fluoride Deception is sure to become the 'must read' book in this important and burgeoning field." Derrick Jensen, author of 'The Culture of Make Believe' and 'A Language Older Than Words'.

A very informative 1/2 hour interview video with Christopher Bryson is at: