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Has mainstream media reported the Republican filibuster of the Veterans Jobs Act?

It is becoming very difficult to determine just who our alleged duly elected are working for when our Veterans and Veterans Families are denied the very Spirit of the Constitution i.e., the Right to the Pursuit of Happiness.. meaning the Right to work and make a living for ones self and ones family. Mrs. Col. Russell Herrman/Herman, Widow

Sign on to assist these Vets  link to signon.org
In case you haven't heard on mainstream media, the Veterans Jobs Corps Act of 2012, which would provide our veterans with training to find jobs as police, firefighters and workers in preservation of public lands, was filibustered by 40 Senate Republicans on 9/19/12. With a 10.9% unemployment rate for veterans, how can this happen? Please consider demanding the passage of this bill at:

 link to signon.org