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A clearer focus on the evils of math and science (or how a corrupt society uses them)

The math content displayed by the academics... , though characterized by great complication... , seems quite thin, because it has become unrelated to "practical" creative development, and the stable and fundamental systems of: the nucleus, the crystal and the solar system still go without valid descriptions (calculations) based on what is claimed to be physical law, ie the patterns of colliding elementary-particles, the function space models of general quantum systems, general relativity, etc.
The "thing is" one can memorize dogma, and subsequently engage in discourse concerning that dogma, so as to become an authority on that dogma.
For example, both Oppenhiemer and Teller were authorities, who served an evil system but... ,
... , Tesla, an actual free-soul, whose creativity and intellectual and "moral" judgment far exceeded both Oppenhiemer and Teller,
... , was excluded from both the discussion and the creativity of the society, at the turn of the century.
Apparently Tesla pulled the plug on many of his own creations, since he could see that they would be controlled by those with evil intent.

Furthermore, particular properties which are (might be) related to some building (or production) process (for some monopolistic business) can be expanded upon within the limited context of the dogma, where (often) it has become a dogma because it satisfies big-business interests. Thus, letting (requiring that) a narrow intellectual context (or a dogma) to become authoritative, so as to satisfy a selfish business interest (eg of the military production of nuclear weapons).

The point is, that new contexts, assumptions, interpretations, containment-sets, and new ways in which to organize math patterns, are necessary to always consider, in regard to maintaining "the relation of math and science languages have to practical creativity."
The relation that the math and science languages have to practical creativity is the true basis for a measurable description's truth.
Especially, if precise descriptions of existence are to be related to "practical" development... , as opposed to:
1. narrow business interests,
2. literary or subjective artistic, (and now 2012)
3. religious expressions,
which are all-three social props used in social class war (by those who control the material systems by which art and expression are distributed)... ., where, in fact, "practical creativity" is mankind's gift to existence, freely given (eg the example of Tesla).

Furthermore, "practical creativity" and its relation to careful measurable descriptions does not necessarily define a material context.
That is, the patterns of math can be used to navigate the intellectual regions between science and religion, which is the realm of thought which is natural to a human being and it includes both science and religion, the material space can be a subset of a greater containing set.

But what is the natural creative context for human beings?

The current (2012) intent of precise math description focuses mostly on quantitative patterns within math (ignoring geometric and stability and quantitative-consistency), and subsequently, to focus on the "quantization" of arbitrary patterns, or contexts, so as to realize the "measurable verification" of arbitrary and (now, 2012) mostly illusional measurable patterns, which, in turn, can be manipulated and adjusted to suit selfish, dominant, monopolistic interests.

The US constitution and the corrupt judicial institution have enthroned big-business. This was done by ignoring the law mandated by Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence (where US law is to be based on equality), and formulating law to be about:
1. property rights,
2. the enforcement of contract for the rich, and
3. minority rule.
Politics is part of the propaganda system which expresses the interests of the rich. Politicians are in politics to get rich.

Now (2012), an important interest of the big-monopolies is to maintain narrow viewpoints of intellectual pursuits, which are authoritative, and subsequently to control thought and behavior of the people within society (the rich-few are quite afraid of the public, since the rich have been unjust towards the public, and the rich have used extreme violence to keep the public frightened, and to keep the public away from them, the very rich).

This is a true "good vs. evil" conflict concerning intellectual control, in regard to the development and use of precise description, similar to Copernicus vs. the Ptolemaic system, where Godel's incompleteness theorem (when correctly interpreted) also requires continual-intellectual revolutions concerning the language (or assumption) structure of authoritative (or precise, useable math-and-science) languages.

But now militarized management (put in place since WW II) and social manipulation has put into place (in the mental constructs of the public) a system (an authoritarian education system which is part of the propaganda system) which rewards mentalities which are:
1. narrow,
2. obsessive,
3. authoritarian,
4. directed at memorization, and
5. obedient to authority.
This construct favors an autistic mind which still posses some language skills.

Thus, there are now two parallel models of authority:
1. materialistic science (characterized by unfathomable complexity), and
2. domineeringly authoritative religions,
... , where both are essentially, "authoritative religions" (requiring faith and obedience for their maintenance), and neither would allow, today (2012), the analogous voice of Copernicus to be expressed, over (or within) the (material) instruments (controlled by the propaganda system) which distribute the (narrowly conceived) expression of ideas within society.

Unfortunately, this control of language and thought is ever-present, so that no-one is exempt from its capacity to control "a civilized mentality."
A mentality which is dedicated to expressing knowledge within the confines of language, as opposed to "perceiving the world as it really is," and thus "perceiving knowledge directly," "through our senses," and acting within that greater context of perception. The actual context of "practical" creativity. A context which a many-dimensional math pattern based on stable geometric shapes (ie not based on the language of randomness) which incorporates materialism as a subset to the many-dimension structure.
Randomness cannot be used as the basis for a description of observed (material) structures which are so fundamentally stable, eg the nucleus, the crystal, the solar system etc. Randomness has been tried for over one-hundred years and it has not been able to describe the observed stable properties of (material) systems.