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"To Protect and to Serve"

"To Protect and to Serve" was a motto adopted by LAPD way back when. It has a ring to it and a history, and also can be interpreted in various ways. But maybe if some simple meaningful statement, or motto, was stenciled on the cop car doors as a reminder of their legitimate mission...
What prompted this article is the recent DOJ report on the Portland Police.  link to theskanner.com

"To Protect and to Serve" -- Sure, they serve their own self interests and protect the interests of the state. But what if that motto were re-construed as something like, "To Protect and to Serve the People of Portland?" Might that serve as a reminder as the cops go to work in the morning? Just a thought based on na´ve optimism.

I'm thinking in terms of the recent DOJ investigation of Portland Cops. What if we could come up with a true simple short single sentence mission statement? One cop in the report said his job was, "to put people in jail, not to provide social services." To me that is just so wrong. I could imagine the outcry if that was the official motto plastered on cop cars.

With this report, I hope there will be change. This might be a really good opportunity for the community to not only speak out, but to be heard. Here is one simple suggestion.