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Video coverage of S15, S16, S17 from NYC

Truth to Power News has been covering the workshops, actions and events being held for Occupy Wall Street's 1 year anniversary in New York City from September 14th-17th. We will be releasing more footage of interviews and actions as we get our feet firmly planted back on the ground in Cascadia.
Truth to Power News covers events at Occupy Wall Street September 15th day of action and education. Thousands gather throughout the day to participate in workshops, teachins and assemblies in preparation for the September 17th anniversary of the Occupy movement.

September 16th, 2012 is a day of celebration on the eve of Occupy Wall Street's one year anniversary. Truth To Power News and B Media Collective bring you a round up of the days events as people prepare for the blockade of Wall Street on September 17th.

S17 News VIDEO comming soon !
Plus many more interviews and extra footage.

For more coverage of Occupy Wall St. events, including news reports, interviews and more, go to  http://truthtopowernews.wordpress.com/

homepage: homepage: http://truthtopowernews.wordpress.com/

News from S17 out now! 20.Sep.2012 05:58


Truth to Power News and the B Media Collective bring you the last of our daily updates on the September 15th-17th mobilizations to mark the year anniversary of the beginning of Occupy Wall Street.

September 17th began with a 7 AM mobilization to disrupt the financial district with blockades and marches. Actions continued throughout the day including street theater, spokescouncils and bank sit-ins, one of which our cameraman Chops was arrested in. The evening ended with an popular assembly and celebration in Liberty Plaza with birthday cake for all.

The weekend of mobilizations was well organized and inspiring, showing that this movement and the fight against corporate greed and austerity are alive and well, contrary to claims to the contrary by corporate media spin doctors.

here is a link