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Secret Romney Vid Reveals GOP Strategy: TOTAL CLASS WAR

"I don't care about those people" .. Mitt describing HALF of the U.S. populatiion
Screw The Weak
Screw The Weak
If there's one lesson to really be learned from the "secret video" released by Mother Jones this week, it's simply this: The GOP strategy for complete politcal and economic dominance is beginning to mimic certain aspects of the methods used so sucessfully during the rise of National Socilism in Germany. Romnmey has peeled back his coiffed and manicured image to show us a new snakeskin, one of unrelenting class war with a violent undertone. Of course he was adressing a room full of his biggest millionaire donors when he quipped that nearly half the population is somehow dependent on the "government" for their survival and they are just lazy bastards that want a roof and food and medical care as a human and civil right. I'm paraphrasing, but that's the gist of it. I guess the only people that are REAL Americans are rich folks who can afford to not pay taxes by supporting unscrupulous bad actors like Romney. To even suggest that..mmm..let's see..if there's about 8% unemployment right now..that means that the GOP believes that some four out of ten WORKING citizens are really goldbrickers and Freddie Freeloaders in disguise. And to suggest that the blue-collar workers of the USA are somehow avoiding "responsibility for their lives" and not paying taxes is obviously the raving of a delusional madman on the loose. That's all working people do- pay taxes to Uncle Scam. This coming from a multi-millionaire kinda guy who flat-out refuses to release his own tax returns. It's incredible that millionaires, with access to any information they need don't have the brains or wherewithall to see through the Romney fib machine. If corporate America really believes this propaganda, how far are we from some sort of coerced national civic program to enlist all of us beggars and bums (disabled, sick, kids, and elderly included) in some "great national experiment" that will smack either of Weimar Germany (illegals really are the new "Jews") or the Stalinesque equivalent where you "whistle while you slave". Romney even had the audacity to insinuate that if he had been born of Mexican heritage he "would have had a better shot at winning this thing". In another words, illegal immigrants (the new 'Jews') get all the breaks and poor "little 'ol Caucasian me" doesn't have an icicle's chance at Fukushima of getting the Latino vote because Latinos are basically racist. This is what this clown is putting out there to the corporate movers and shakers. Romney even said that he "inherited nothing". This coming from someone whose Daddy left Chrysler with a golden parachute of $150 million bucks. Little Mitt got his jaded Richie Rich kicks by beating up and bullying the only Gay student in his class. Perfect Presidential material I suppose. He lied and said "50% of all college graduates are unemployed"- a major exageration, but these corporate zombies just sit there and suck it in like it's true. No wonder business is suffering everywhere- the corporate sultans have been just as dumbe-down as everyone else over the past three decades of cultural & educational decomposition. He assured the donors that he knew what he was doing because he several former staff members of BIBI NETANYAHU as main advisors! Who the hell is running the GOP anyway? Mossad? The CIA? It must be someone with no diplomacy skills, that's obvious. He said his handlers have worked on political races in Africa and Armenia and Israel. Three nations with a long history of corrupt elections and leaders! DUUUHHHH! But the next time you hear some GOP party hack badmouthing the opposition for waging "Class War" you can rest assured that only warmongers on the poor and infirm and old right now are marching behind Mitt the Zit in double time. Even supposedly "informed" people like Alex Jones believe half the nation is on welfare. The stupidity never ends. Jones thinks Jimmy Carter's grandson paid $5000 to get into that dinner and that HE filmed the now infamous YouTube vid. Hahahaha that made my day. Alex needs a vacation baaaad.