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Verifiable Facts Presented By Geral Sosbee

See evidence that the fbi seeks to discredit this reporter even as they torture him with DEW.
fbi image
fbi image
As a result of my recent reports the fbi tries to discredit same; here are some links to the verifiable facts that are causing people to at once question the integrity of the fbi and reason for the existence for the corrupt & murderous agency.


and then see the reason I was forced out:


Batboy , like his psychopathic associates John Smith  johnnysmith1556@gmail.com


and J. Robert Upton




and the fbi operative who orders "kill yourself geral sosbee"



and the little fool called Hafner

 link to sosbeevfbi.ning.com
are following orders to try to discredit. All such cointel efforts fail because Truth rings loud in a world misled by the mainstream media and their fbi/cia handlers.

People everywhere are awakening to the horrors inflicted on the global population by the assassins of the fbi/cia/dod. The agents & operatives of these agencies have no credibility as shown in recent world events.For additional info on why the fbi and the cia thugs must silence me see:


and therefore each member of Congress must answer to the charge of murder, forced suicide and other felonies:

 link to italy.indymedia.org

 link to sosbeevfbi.ning.com




I certify that all information above (including all reports on the links referenced above) and all data on all of my sites to date are true and correct to the best of my ability.Finally, I believe that Batboy and his ilk represent the evil of our time and are at once traitors to the country and enemies of mankind (EOM).
geral sosbee, p o box 3374, harlingen,texas 78551 (956)622-0768



 link to www.nowpublic.com

Torture continues:


homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/promo.html
phone: phone: (956)622-0768
address: address: usa

Nothing Verified at all. 19.Sep.2012 08:35

Ben Dover

You can't verify what you say by linking back to what you have said before on another website, or to what a friend has said on their website. To be fair, I actually went to the links you provided and even read some of the documentation you linked to as well. I have never seen such a collection of preposterous allegations in my life. You file police reports on anyone who looks at you wrong, or makes comments to you that you don't like. It seems that no one likes or trusts you in any way, and who could blame them, you are a loose cannon always looking for a scapegoat. If you truly believe the things that you write, you need psychiatric help without delay.