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Video: Dr. Paul Connett On the Dangers of Fluoride

Excellent power point presentation by Dr. Paul Connett, Director of Fluoride Action Network. Dr. Paul Connett has spent 16 years researching the fluoridation issue, first as a professor of chemistry, specializing in environmental chemistry and toxicology. Dr. Connett details the many dangers of adding fluoride to municipal water systems and demonstrates the gross lack of science employed by those who promote this action.

After a brief introduction by Kim Kaminski of Clean Water Portland, Dr. Connett opens his remarks with the statement: "what you are seeing in Portland is the end of fluoridation world wide. It is already clear from what you have just seen in just a few weeks that they've got no arguments, no science, and you're seeing the kind of tactics that are put in place of science and solid rational argument."

Dr. Paul Connett

This is not Democracy! This is not Portland! This is a wake up call!

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