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Portland Nuclear Free Zone Kick-Off

No Nukes NW will host a kick-off rally to create a new ordinance for the City of Portland that will make Portland a Nuclear Free Zone. The event, open to the public, will take place on Sunday, September 23rd, from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at the Japanese American Historical Plaza, 2 NW Naito Parkway, Portland, Oregon.
September 23rd, 1-4 PM
Japanese American Historical Society
The Hanford Nuclear Waste Site, approximately 225 miles northeast of Portland on the Columbia River, is the most contaminated nuclear waste site in the world. Washington Governor Chris Gregoire has endorsed the continued transportation of highly radioactive waste along Oregon highways including, I-5, I-84 and US-97 to reach the Hanford Nuclear Waste Disposal site for storage and future processing. Hanford does not have the means to handle the waste it already has much less future deposits, and its only backup, the 20 double-shelled storage tanks, are now found to be leaking. Government death estimates propose that 800 people may die yearly from just the trucks coming through our highways, and that number is a number not inclusive of accidents! We find this intolerable and refuse to let it continue.

In the new ordinance, we demand that our city officials take control of monitoring our air, water, soil and food for contamination coming in from Fukushima fallout. We also demand that part of that monitoring system checks all goods coming into our stores from shipments of unmonitored food from Japan. Currently, No Nukes NW, a group of concerned citizens, is the only group to be monitoring radiation levels within the entire city by means of daily local Geiger counter readings. This is not a monitoring mechanism implemented by the city -- It is we, the concerned citizens, taking control of measuring and disbursing pertinent findings regarding radioactivity in our city.

This Rally has been endorsed by Physicians for Social Responsibility, The Sierra Club, Veterans for Peace, the Puget Sound Nuclear Weapons Free Zone, and is acknowledged by the international anti-nuclear community as a positive step forward for the health and safety of Portlanders and the health and safety of the planet.No Nukes NW seeks a City of Portland Ordinance making Portland a Nuclear-Free Zone.

September 23rd, 1-4 PM
Japanese American Historical Society

For more information, please contact:
No Nukes NW: 971-238-3898
Beth Rakoncay, No Nukes NW -  beth@nonukesnw.org
Miriam German, No Nukes NW -  miriam@nonukesnw.org
Website: www.nonukesnw.org
FB event page:  https://www.facebook.com/events/338416596250911/?ref=ts

homepage: homepage: http:// www.nonukesnw.org