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Are Gitmo prisoners are being used as guinea pigs for torture?

New reports show detainees are being unnecessarily drugged
I've long believed the reason inmates are still being held in Guantanamo Bay is that they are surreptitiously being used in psychological experimentation [  http://jpaulson.blogspot.com/2008/02/okay-what-hell-kind-of-intelligence.html ] (as well as convenient producers of torture-induced confessions). Well, now we know they were given mefloquine, a drug known to have a high risk of severe psychiatric side-effects, including hallucinations and suicidal tendencies. Mefloquine is normally used to combat malaria, trouble is, none of the inmates were actually tested for malaria.

I remember when the Guantanamo inmates were marched off the plane upon arrival in Cuba. They all displayed an unusual gait that I'd also observed in footage of John Walker Lindh. Can't help but notice that Aurora, CO shooting suspect looks drugged out in all his court appearances, too. Well, here are the articles:

EXCLUSIVE: DoD Report Reveals Some Detainees Interrogated While Drugged, Others "Chemically Restrained"
 link to truth-out.org

David Hicks: The Man Who Was Chemically Tortured

Didn't Obama say he was closing down Gitmo if he were elected in 2008? Maybe we should be saving the truth serum for politicians.

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screams from torture island 17.Sep.2012 23:22


"as sinister cackles echo and reverberate thru the marble halls in Washington"

Are Gitmo prisoners are being used as guinea pigs for torture? 20.Sep.2012 08:21

Guy Faulks

No they are not. You believe a lot of stuff that isn't true Jody, and this is just another example. Quit posting shit that you know absolutely nothing about.