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Video: Dr. Paul Connett On the Dangers of Fluoride

Excellent power point presentation by Dr. Paul Connett, Director of Fluoride Action Network. Dr. Connett details the many dangers of adding fluoride to municipal water systems and demonstrates the gross lack of science employed by those who promote this action.

Dr. Paul Connett
Dr. Paul Connett has spent 16 years researching the fluoridation issue, first as a professor of chemistry, specializing in environmental chemistry and toxicology.

After a brief introduction by Kim Kaminski of Clean Water Portland, Dr. Connett opens his remarks with the statement: "what you are seeing in Portland is the end of fluoridation world wide. It is already clear from what you have just seen in just a few weeks that they've got no arguments, no science, and you're seeing the kind of tactics that are put in place of science and solid rational argument."

"You're seeing tactics by stealth, you're seeing public relations spin up the gazoo, it's a completely orchestrated campaign from the moment it slipped into the newspaper."

"I know some of you have heard these arguments against fluoridation for ten, twenty, thirty years...........but let me tell you there are developments on a daily basis that make our case stronger. I heard today that three more towns have stopped fluoridation in Indiana. That brings the total of towns that have stopped since October of 2012 to 56; that's over 3,000,000 people that have stopped, and, I hear that the Premier of Queensland has called a halt to mandatory fluoridation in Queensland."

Soon thereafter, Dr. Connett gives a summary of the many reasons against fluoridation.

* It is a poor medical practice to use the water to deliver medicine, because:
A. You cannot control the dose;
B. You cannot control who gets the medicine;
C. It violates the individual's right to informed consent.

* Fluoride is not a nutrient- not one single biological process in the body needs fluoride.

* Fluoride can interfere with the normal function of many biological molecules like enzymes.

After discussing these points in greater detail Dr. Connett goes on to debunk much of the science upon which forced fluoridation rests. Further, he supplies details of existing studies which prove the dangers of fluoridation, studies which have been ignored by promoters of forced fluoridation.

According to Dr. Connett, adding fluoride to water supplies can cause fluorosis in some children, and "some lines of evidence show that fluoride can damage the brain and other tissues." Dr. Connett goes into these consequences in great detail, especially studies in China demonstrating that fluoride in the water lowers I.Q.

Quoting Pam DenBeston, from Scientific American, January 2008, Dr. Connett states:
"We can certainly see how fluoride impacts the way proteins interact with mineralized tissue, so what effect is it having at the cellular level? Fluoride is very powerful and it needs to be treated respectfully."

According to Dr. Connett, and even the fluoride promoters agree, "fluoride's beneficial action is TOPICAL, not SYSTEMIC."
And further, fluoride used in municipal water supplies is not pharmaceutical grade, but is an industrial waste product, derived from the scrubbing systems of the phosphate industry. These by-product contain arsenic, a known human carcinogin.

This report back details just a very small sample the research provided in this excellent, well documented power point presentation, which provides viewers with ample opportunity to follow up on the mountains of available research.

Following the presentation, Frances Quaempts-Miller, of Clean Water Portland, speaks briefly about the need for the Portland community to stand together and gather the signatures necessary to stop this with a Referendum and/or Initiative.
A Referendum would mean gathering over 20,000 signatures from the date of filing, which was Wednesday, 9/12/12.
An Initiative, if enough signatures are gathered, would be on the ballot in May of 2014.

City Commissioner Randy Leonard, who will not seek re election and therefore will not have to suffer any political consequences for his actions, has vowed to have the five million dollar fluoride facility built by that time.

This whole process has been conducted behind closed doors with a coalition of 70 local organizations and groups who lobbied commissioners on the issue, and only included the people after three of the five necessary Council votes were already declared.

This is not Democracy! This is not Portland! This is a wake up call!

Dr. Paul Connett

homepage: homepage: http://www.cleanwaterportland.org

Photos 18.Sep.2012 15:44

Jim Lockhart videoactivepdx@gmail,com

Something to maybe add to the feature?

An Inconvenient Tooth 22.Sep.2012 16:22

Guy Wagner

An Inconvenient Tooth is a documentary film about fluoride featuring Paul Connett and 10 other Opponents of water fluoridation.
It was released September 6th, 2012 at the city hall in Portland, Oregon.


Paul Connett On the Dangers of Fluoride 13.Oct.2013 11:59

disasterkleen heathledger502@yahoo.com

Dr. Paul Connett is recognized worldwide as a leader in the movement to eliminate fluoride from the municipal water supplies, and I'm pleased to be working with him to achieve this goal. Earlier this year, he used frequent flyer miles to visit New Zealand and in a month-long tour gave presentations to communities all over the country. In this interview, he shares some of the successes the movement has experienced. Dr. Connett has great hopes that New Zealand will move to ban water fluoridation. "New Zealand has the ability to say no," he says. "It became a nuclear free zone and said no to American nuclear ships. They have the capacity to be a maverick... I gave a talk to the Ministry of Health and we were expecting two or three people - in actual fact, 25 people showed up." What's Driving the Irrational Water Fluoridation Mandates? According to Dr. Connett, with the science we now have on fluoride, the current water fluoridation mandates simply do not make any sense. If it is to continue, then the authorities will have to come up with some rational explanations to explain this irrational behavior. "Teeth are important, but I can't believe that all these governments are mobilized to protect this miniscule amount of saved teeth," he says. "What is the rational explanation for this irrational behavior?... . We know why the rank and file continue; because they are busy doctors and dentists; they don't have time to read the literature. They just mouth what they are told by their professional bodies. It's the attitude of the people at the top of these chains of command; top of the dental associations, top of the health departments, in our (U.S.) case, the Department of Health and Human Services. To lose fluoridation means to lose credibility..." He may be right, because if they lose credibility on this issue, they stand to lose credibility on other public health policies, such as the childhood vaccination schedule, for example. After all, they must have the public's trust in order to effectively oversee public health policy, and that's part of the reason for why they're fighting so hard to stave this issue off. "I said to the [New Zealand] Ministry of Health: If you had the courage, you would gain credibility. If you came out now and said, it's a mistake, or we found out that it only works topically; there is no point in putting it in people's water... [Then] they would regain the public's trust. The people will be so impressed that they have had the integrity to actually tell the truth... then maybe they'll gain back some credibility on some of these other public health practices." Why Water Fluoridation is "A Stupid Thing To Do" There are very good reasons for not putting fluoride in the water supplies. It is a drug. If you wanted some to ingest, you'd have to get a prescription. And there are good reasons for why we don't purposely add any other drugs to our water. As Dr. Connett says: "We don't use the public water supply to deliver medicine because it's a stupid thing to do. You can't control the dose. You can't control who gets it. [There's] no individual supervision. Of course it violates the individual's right to informed consent to medicine. So, first of all, you start by saying this is a crazy thing to do, for most people. Then you say, what are the dangers? I spent 15 years pursuing the dangers, but then I woke up one day and said, if it doesn't work anyway; why would we take any risk at all? Why would we lower a kid's IQ by even a small few number of IQ points? Why would we run the risk of making our bones more brittle when we get old? Why would we run the risk of arthritis? Why would we run the risk of lowering thyroid function? Why is it that the governments that fluoridate don't investigate any of the things that I have just listed, and yet spend most of their time attacking the methodology of the studies that have found harm in India and China and elsewhere? [The loss of credibility is], I think, the most rational explanation that I have come up with. The Tide is Shifting in New Zealand FAN has had an excellent group working in New Zealand for about 11 years. They are very effective. During my visit they even managed to get the media excited with their educational events, and the traditional Maori's held an event that was covered on Maori television. "At least that indigenous community was being informed here," he says. Articles were published in the magazine Organic New Zealand, and Grey Power, so the seniors in New Zealand were getting the message as well. Dr. Connett also gave a series of talks to various councils. His talks included the video presentation of Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation, which features 15 different scientists who have spent years investigating fluoride. asbestos abatement monterey water damage restoration monterey water damage restoration monterey smoke restoration monterey http://www.disasterkleen.com/

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