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INS Invades SoCal Red Cross Shelter: Deports Farmworkers Displaced by Floods

Moving in on the disposessed
The "Grapes of Wrath" lives on in Duroville
raw sewage & slumlike conditions- owned by an Indian tribe immune to any  codes
raw sewage & slumlike conditions- owned by an Indian tribe immune to any codes
Huge floods from Monsoon storms forced the evacuation of "Duroville" a huge run-down mobile home park that is home to over 1500 Southern California migrant workers and Native Americans. Lots of kids too. It's also one of the poorest communities anywhere in America. The Red Cross set up a shelter at the local High School, and guess what? The INS (better known as La Migra) decided to RAID the shelter and start shaking down the disheveled victims for identification and proof of citizenship. REAL HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT. When asked by local pALM sPRINGS television reporters if they had deported any flood victims, they refused to comment. When the Red Cross was asked why the jackbooted goon squad was allowed to hassle soaked, tired, and disoriented flood victims, they also REFUSED TO COMMENT. So what happened? The vast majority of the victims refuse to even go near the shelter, their ONLY source of "help" in the entire town. I find this situation so repulsive I could puke. Even GOP warhorse and local congresswoman Mary Bono Mack, no bleeding heart, wrote to Obama asking a stop to this Federal Stormtrooper attack on victims of a natural disaster. sick stuff man. Millions were allotted in a grant to improve Duroville, but Governor Jerry Brown recently blocked the funding for some STRANGE REASON. go to www.duroville.org