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World War Three OR The Death of the American Dream

What is happening? I'll tell you.
All of America's enemys are coming back with a vengance (think movie plot)
All of Amerika's karma, the skeletons in the closet, are breaking out.

The Mexicans', The 'Terrorists'/jihadists, The hippys, The hells angels. All have a grudge against amerika. And they are / have been setting up their pawns all over the board for the last ~20 years.

Obama / The GOVERNMENT is letting them.

They are teaming up (enemy of my enemy is my friend)
When all the pieces are on the table, they will pull out a 'check-mate'

Amerika / Obama is fine with this.

Because when it all goes down in a flaming pile, the ghost of Henry Kissenger along with G. Bush
Will offer the solution of a NWO World Government to restore peace.

And the above mentioned will be the first to go.


We are like pigs in the wilderness.
Hey Pig