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Video: Portland Citizens Respond to Forced Fluoridation Vote

Interviews with Portland citizens gathered outside City Hall while the decision is being made to fluoridate city water. The vote was unanimous, to by-pass democratic process and force fluoridation on citizens of the city.

Portland Citizens Respond to Forced Fluoridation Vote
Citizens who attended to protest were outraged at this decision to force medication on our community, medication that has proven to be harmful and then only useful when taken topically, not systemically.

In this 7 minute video, I interview several people, all outraged at the vote as well as the fact that this decision was pushed through very quickly without proper public comment. Many believed that the decision was already made behind closed doors with a coalition of 70 local organizations and groups who lobbied commissioners on the issue.

Those who oppose forced fluoridation immediately filed a referendum to put the decision to a vote. They have 30 days, as of yesterday, 9-12-2012, to gather over 20,000 signatures from registered voters living in the Portland city limits. Those living outside the limits cannot sign the referendum, but can assist the campaign in many ways. Other local area municipalities are also dependent by contract on this water;many are not happy with the murky and secretive process.

Obviously this is a herculean task and organizers are in dire need of volunteers and financial contributions.

Along with two photographs from the protest, I've included a slide from the recent talk by Dr. Paul Connett, which is a summary of key arguments against fluoridation. This excellent and definitive presentation will be available ASAP to assist in the referendum organizing.

Portland Citizens Respond to Forced Fluoridation Vote

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