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Volunteer in China our programs are open to everyone

Volunteer in China our programs are open to everyone
Officially China is world's most populous county with a population of over 1.3 billion. China is full of scenic beauty and different fauna and flora are found there. So people who fancy experiencing such rich and old culture should visit China and why only visit, make some contribution as well to the lives of these Chinese people.

Volunteering Solutions provides volunteering opportunities in China and our programs are open to everyone no matter which part of the world you belong to. We have volunteering opportunities in 2 major cities of China, Beijing and Shanghai. We have following program options available in China: -

Volunteer in Beijing - China
? Orphanage Volunteer Program
? Volunteer in School for Poor Children
? Volunteer with Charity for Disabled

Volunteer in Shanghai - China
? Teaching English, German and French
? Volunteer Disabled Children

You can join our program from any Monday of the month and minimum program duration is 1 week and maximum is 24 weeks. People who are from China, can also join our program in China and we will also reduce accommodation and meals price from program fees.

Volunteer in China
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