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How could Floridation Happen?

You let it happen
How could Fluoridation Happen?
How could Patriot Day Happen?
How could Foreclosure Happen?
How could War Happen?

You let it happen!

More questions? 12.Sep.2012 22:24


I'd bet 13.Sep.2012 07:21

more thirsty for change than ever

that each one of them has bottled water at the council meetings.

I come from an area with very bad water. Don't the people here have any idea (or respect, which is probably more important) how good they've got it? It's too bad that they don't. Water is life. Ask any astrophysicist.

The powers that be,,, 13.Sep.2012 20:32

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

Want the population of Portland to become docile and stupid. That way they don't have to explain their incompetent actions to enrich themselves at the public trough.