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bad day at the council
I like this picture and felt like her with cops behine me.
I like this picture and felt like her with cops behine me.
sam The Man adams Threw Out The Baby.

Today, September 12, 2012 a day all members of the city council will remember as a day of shame. The vote to add fluoride to our drinking water went 5-0, there was only a slight doubt on my side about Amanda. When she was talking I did have my back to her, but she said some interesting things, like trusting the people of Portland that made me turn around and face her, but in the end she went with the boys. This was a deal breaker for me, none of the 5 sh--s will get a vote from me. The Oregon Progressive Party may endorse Amanda Fritz but I will call for her defeat. Mary Nolan is looking better.
(at least if MN wins we will have defeated an incumbent.)

The thing that got to me on this issue is that all five people on the council know that there are serious questions about adding fluoride to our drinking water yet will do it anyway. That to me is indicative of the arrogance of these politicians, the fish actually said he was elected to make the hard decisions. No!

We elect people to do the will of the majority, when they think they are smarter than their constituents they should have the dignity to make the decision to resign. Can't represent the people, "begone!"

There will be a serious effort to get this on the ballot and if the people of Portland want to add a corrosive product to their drinking water we will fail. They voted today (council) and we will vote tomorrow.

You cannot get away from the effects of fluoride in the water. There may be filters that one can use but they are very expensive. We must fight this with all our might and maybe we will win and scare the hell out of our local officials, for me a nervous politician is a good representative. We have much work to do and people are working on the measure as I write. So don't get depressed, get to work. We could have a new council in January, it is up to you!

PS Sam did throw out a mother and young baby alone with me and about 10 others who had the bad manners to challenged him with any type of noise.

There was also a wonderful banner dropped from the balcony, made us smile.

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