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VIDEO. 9/11 Hijackers Passports were issued by the CIA - US Consulate Whistleblower

The Truth will set you free, but it will make you mad as hell. vkd
Mike Springman- The former head of the American visa bureau in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia blows the whistle on the 9/11 hijackers.

Springman went public (after internal efforts failed) to expose the State Dept/CIA conduiting terrorists into the US

BBC News Source: "former head of the American visa bureau in Jeddah is Michael Springman".

Thirteen of the 15 Saudi hijackers were issued visas to the United States, 10 of them at the US Consulate in Jeddah, according to US officials.

Officials told to 'back off' on Saudis and Bin Laden before September 11

CBC News transcript- Michael Springman
"this operation in Jeddah was so peculiar, so strange, and it went against anything I had ever seen or heard in my 20 years in government, that I thought that what these people were telling me about CIA involvement with Osama, and with Afghanistan had to be true because nothing else would fit. By the attempts to cover me up and shut me down, this convinced me more and more that this was not a pipe-dream, this was not a machination, this was not a conspiracy theory."

BBC News: Michael Springman

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Osama bin Laden was a CIA puppet and Al Qaeda are CIA/NATO mercenaries. 25.Feb.2013 12:50

Al Qaeda is CIA

Osama bin Laden was an agent and a puppet of the CIA. Osama bin Laden died in Afghanistan during the winter of 2001-2, and the posthumous videos and audios attributed to Osama bin Laden are forgeries produced by the CIA. The Abbottabad raid by the US Navy Seals was a hoax.

Al Qaeda is a group of international mercenaries who are organized, funded, and directed by the CIA and NATO to conduct assassinations, false-flag attacks, and phoney insurgencies or "revolutions" in an effort to destabilize nations and overthrow governments that are targeted by the CIA and NATO. Al Qaeda mercenaries have served NATO and the CIA in the Balkans (Kosovo, etceteras), against Gaddafi in Libya, and now against Assad in Syria.

In the aftermath of the CIA-supported "Jasmine Revolution" in Tunisia, that country has become a staging ground for the NAT0/CIA-led mercenaries; recently 132 NAT0/CIA mercenaries carrying Tunisian passports or identifications were killed in Syria.


The African Embassy Bombings; the USS Cole bombing; the 9/11 attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon; the Bali, Madrid, and London 7/7 bombings; and the Mumbai 2008 attack were all perpetrated by the CIA, in collusion with its agents and its allies. Since 9/11/2001, the FBI in the USA and the MI5 and MI6 in the UK have provocateured many "terrorist plots" which exploited naive and incompetent Moslem youths as patsies. The "War on Terrorism" is actually a US/NATO/Israeli war of aggression for dominance and control of the resource-rich Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.