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VIDEO: FALLING MAN OF 9/11 STILL CRIES OUT FOR JUSTICE My Catbird SeatSeptember 12, 2012

The truth will set you free, the truth will make those other wise pre-disposed mad as hell.. vkd
The 9/11 cover up is America's greatest bamboozle and many Americans are apparently no longer interested in finding the truth ~ for it would indeed be too painful to acknowledge.

by Allen L Roland

Jonathan Briley was the falling man of 9/11 and one of 200 jumpers who leaped to their deaths on that infamous day in 2001. His image captured by Richard Drew continues to shock and it still demands the truth and justice for those who perpetrated or allowed this treasonous operation and carefully orchestrated cover up to occur: Allen L Roland

The most despicable act of American treason was the 9/11 official attack storyline and carefully orchestrated cover up which continues to this day. The Obama administration is still determined to keep this bamboozle covered up and is, as such, is complicit in hiding the truth of 9/11.

Nothing captures the sheer horror of that day more graphically than Richard Drew's photo of the falling man ~ later identified as Jonathan Briley.

Two years ago, the New York Post published a 9/11 macabre human remains map in trying to determine the physical scope of ground Zero as well as the human deaths, which obviously includes the over 200 Trade Tower jumpers along with the falling man, Jonathan Briley.


New York Post human remains map of 9/11

This New York post map (Left) is a graphic illustration of the human cost of that day for each red dot is a human being who was loved and cherished by someone and became an unnecessary victim of the most treasonous act in American history.

I watched again last night the brilliant and moving (70 minute) video THE FALLING MAN which has still not been released in the U.S. and which can be seen by clicking on :

~  http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article17405.htm .

rest of article and more videos go to:  http://mycatbirdseat.com/2012/09/falling-man-of-911-still-cries-out-for-justice/