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Thank You For Helping Make Paul Ryan's Visit A Pleasant One

Thank-you for moving beyond PDX's reputation as being hostile to Republican leadership
V.P.candidate Paul Ryan was here yesterday at a purported $25K lunch @ Jakes .In years past Indymedia fans soured such visits with rude and unwelcoming protests .Thankfully ,this visit was treated with respectful silence on the part of the Indymedia community.And a very pleasant luncheon was had by all who attended.

Sorry, too busy proselytizing 9/11 Truth 11.Sep.2012 17:03


I would have been out there protesting but I was home crafting really long diatribes about 9/11 truth and the big cover up.

You see, it's practically a full-time job trying to convince stupid people that 9/11 was actually perpetrated by the government and the twin towers actual fell down due to controlled demolition; not to mention that no actual airplane flew in to the pentagon.

some made it 11.Sep.2012 18:13

mrs rove

sorry Karl

from what i heard there was about 100 and some people 'protesting' about a block away - where they were kept at bay

its all about "community"

I'm still yawning 11.Sep.2012 22:43

since the selection

He wasn't worth it. The whole thing is just a show, and though I'd like to see it turn into a real pissing contest (maybe the networks can get them to jazz it up a bit), it's just too predictable to keep much attention. Reuters ran an article that seemed to imply Southern Voters who they asked are more suspicious of Romney's religion, even though most asked thought Obama was a closet Muslim. Is this all they got? C'mon. We know they're both going to do pretty much the same thing. The language may be different on the surface, but there won't be any choice for the standard bearers of the status quo; they're bought now. You might have thought the Southerners asked would be concerned about Mitt openly raising funds outside the country rather than his religion, or his stand on abortion. Goes to show what issues really move choice.

I'm going back to sleep.