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Rumors of gold being used to back world currencies have been rife for many years. The truth is that gold stolen decades ago was USED to take down the economy of the world. Find out where some of it came from. Then demand that this situation be investigated.
Nothing is ever what it seems these days. Neil Keenan was a protege of Dr. Michael. Dr. Michael lost his legs while trying to execute a false flag in the Philipines. He was found with his legs blown off and surrounded by counterfeit gold bonds. Raylan Russbacher has posted story after story about the OITC and its fabled gold on rumormillnews.com. Unfortunately, her stories of WHERE that gold came from are bogus. This is the real story in her own words...read between the lines.




Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 15-Aug-2005 02:46:29

In Response To: GUNTHER RUSSBACHER DIED AUGUST 8th, 2005 *PIC* (Rayelan)

The Philippine Gold Transfer

From his home in California, Russbacher orchestrated the transfer of the Philippine gold, code named White Robe, to Austria.

Once he had secured "the firm offer to sell" from the Philippines, the deal came to the attention of his enemies within the banking world, and two attempts were made to kill him. His health had suffered under the stress of the recent open-heart surgery as well as his confinement for the last four years. His liver was swollen, his pancreas was failing, and his kidneys were shutting down.

He was afraid to go into an American hospital. He felt he would be killed. Several men, who were involved in the gold transfer, accompanied him to Austria.

He was arrested for entering on illegal documents. During the arrest, he suffered a heart attack. He was taken, via helicopter, to a hospital.

The charges were eventually dropped and he proceeded in the completion of the gold transfer.

What had appeared to be a done deal while he was in America soon became a nightmare of tangled threads that stretched from the gold mines of King Solomon, to the gold teeth of Hitler's holocaust victims.

Russbacher was impeded at every turn. He was told by representatives of the Austrian government that the Jews felt all of the gold that Russbacher was trying to bring back into the country came from the teeth of their grandfathers.

Russbacher had been told that the gold he was bringing back in the first transfer was Austrian gold that had been stolen by Hitler in 1938. He had been told that the symbol for Austrian gold, a fox, was still stamped on all the bars. But he wasn't told that the bars also had HH and the swastika stamped on them. (The HH stands for Hitler Helvatia. Helvatia is a Latin name for Switzerland. The Swiss were Hitler's bankers.)

To Save the Gold Transfer He Had To Give It Away

After betrayal, intrigue, lies and disinformation, Russbacher found himself growing weaker and sicker. The heart pain was unbearable. To stop the pain, he started drinking. His pancreas had shut down. The alcohol went directly into his blood stream. In that condition he could do nothing to complete the gold transfer.

After weeks of put- offs from the Austrian National Bank, Russbacher finally realized that if he were to ever accomplish what his ancestors have been trying to accomplish for hundreds of years, then he had to let go of everything. The commission on the gold deal would have made him and his wife two of the richest people in the world.

Because of the way they had been treated at the hands of an out of control government, they already had plans for publishing and film companies that would begin to educate the world in the conspiracy to enslave it. It was hard to let go of the dream of awakening the world, but there was no other way.

On a train from Salzburg to Vienna, Russbacher finally decided that the only way to save the gold deal was to give it away... everything.

He called the man who had been instrumental in keeping him alive during his years in prison. Kurt Waldheim was the president of Austria while Gunther was incarcerated in the United States. Now he was the head of a non-governmental organization called The League of the United Nations.

Russbacher and his wife went straight there. Waldheim was with the King of Denmark as the Russbachers entered the outer office. They were told to wait. The King soon left and they were ushered in. In a few sentences Russbacher explained what was happening. Waldheim gave him the name of a man within the Foreign Ministry and arranged for them to meet. Waldheim then showed them out, introducing them to Helmut Kohl, Chancellor of Germany, as they left. Russbacher turned the gold deal completely over to Waldheim, including all the commission.

Waldheim immediately left Austria to make arrangements for the gold to be brought through Greece where it would be re-smelted. Gunther had failed to swallow his pride and tell Waldheim that he and his wife were penniless. Not knowing what to do, Gunther called the American Embassy in Vienna, where he had been CIA station chief in the 70's. He asked for help. They told him due to the Haiti crisis, he had just been reactivated into the Navy.

He was told an airplane would come to take him and his wife back to the United States. Rayelan felt another set-up coming on. She knew her husband had been on probation when he left the United States, and he would be arrested if he returned. She could not make him see what was going to happen.

In anger she told him that she was not going to stand by and watch him end up in an American prison again. She caught a midnight train, from Vienna to Frankfurt, and took a plane home to California. By the time she arrived home, Gunther had been arrested for not paying his hotel bill. This hotel room had been booked for them by the Embassey and she was told it had been paid for BY the United States Embassey.

Gunther was back in an Austrian prison, serving two years for defrauding an inn keeper. This was October of 1994. It was the last time Rayelan ever saw Gunther.

(This article was written in December, 1996)

The gold deal continues to move forward in transfers from the
Philippines and other countries. It is not known how quickly the world's governments will see their currency replaced with gold-backed currencies. But from the headlines in current newspapers, the whole world is suddenly focusing on Nazi gold.

Russbacher and his wife concluded their part in the gold transfer in 1994. They were to be paid a 1/2 percent commission. To this day, they have received nothing from the transfer.

The Swiss, the Swedes and The French surely wish that they had never heard of Nazi Gold.

Israel demanded that Austria share the gold. Austria refused and told Israel if they wanted to look for Jewish gold they needed to investigate Switzerland, Sweden, France, and Liechtenstein.... plus all 26 international bankers who make up the Federal Reserve.

A quick reading of any major newspaper archive from December of 1996, will show you that Israel is following the advice it was given by the Austrians, and are forcing Swiss and Swedish banks to finally turn over Jewish gold. Soon, Israel will take on Liechtenstein. But it is doubtful that they will ever ask the Federal Reserve member banks to turn over their Jewish gold.

In a letter that Russbacher wrote to his wife on November 26, 1994 he gave the partial history of the gold transfer which was code named Operation White Robe:

"Let me give you a bit of background for Operation White Robe. (RMNews: this was the code name of the gold transfer.)

"It begins with the U.S. government
imposing an embargo against the Swiss in WWII. They (the Swiss) had been making deals with the Nazis. They allowed them to use their rail systems to bring war materials to the German troops of Italy. In return, the Swiss were the true bankers of the Third Reich. "To further the true meaning of hypocrisy, the Swiss received coal from Germany. (The Swiss have none of their own).

The U.S. government went straight for the jugular and imposed an all out food embargo. Almost 60% of Swiss food was imported from other European markets. The Swiss told the U.S., in 1944, to go to hell and they began importing foodstuffs from South America.

The vessels flew Liberian and Swiss flags. The U.S. put a halt
to that in December of 1944. "The Swiss had almost all of Hitler's gold, which he had seized from Jews, the National Bank of Austria, Belgium, France and numerous other countries.

The gold was a real sore point for the U.S. They wanted it in their hands. The Swiss, operating on orders from Hitler's men, began the long and worrisome transport of the metal to Argentina and Paraguay. After March of 1954, the gold bars and chunks of used gold were shipped to a remote area of the Philippines.

"There it has remained until we (meaning Gunther, Rayelan and the group they worked with) entered the picture. Only a hundred or so people knew about this horde of precious metals. The White Robes (The Knights Templars) became involved because great gold monstrance’s' (crucifixes) as well as solid gold chalices and coins were robbed from many churches (Catholic of course).

It became a brand new quest for about 30 of us. Most of these men were my seniors and have long since died without fulfilling their cause. With the deaths of my two best friends in Laos this February, (1994) I was the only one left who was empowered to move the gold.

"Even though it looked to you that I was a recent player in the gold transfer, the truth is, I have known about it my entire life, and I knew that eventually the gold would return to Austria.

"It will return to Austrian in 1995, 50 years after the end of the war."

On December 23, 1996 Gunther Russbacher was released from prison in Austria.