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Video: Free Bradley Manning - protest - march to Obama's Portland Campaign Office 9.6.12

A rally and protest march was held in Portland Oregon on the "National Day Of Action" [9.6.12] to bring demands to the Obama Administration to Free Bradley Manning. The rally in the park ended with a march to the front door of the Obama re-election campaign headquarters. No one was at the office to hear the demands so the "signed petitions" were left sticker-ed to the front door.
September 6 2012 - Portland Oregon
September 6 2012 - Portland Oregon
This is a 45 minute video recording of the Free Bradley Manning protest in Portland Oregon:  http://youtu.be/9U7ShMsk_K8

On September 6 2012, Bradley Manning supporters gathered at Col. Summers Park in Southeast Portland for a protest rally before marching to the Obama campaign headquarters which was 20 blocks away.

Leah Bolger, president of National Veterans for Peace spoke to the crowd before the march and then later Malcolm Chaddock from VFP chapter 72 of Portland reads the demand for releasing Bradley Manning on the steps of Obama's campaign office (the office doors were locked and the office closed in advance)

More information on this is here:

and the leaked video is available here:

Another video by Jim Lockhart was recorded from the same rally and march & is available on PIMC here:

An analysis from a solider who was closely involved in the aftermath of the "collateral damage" issues is here in this related 47 minute video:

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