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a visionary's report: our obligation to defend victims of war: the CHILDREN!

A visionary way to bring warriors to their knees before the next war (tho war is perpetual)
Was watching that video entitled

( [url] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3oziRJ46k0[/url] ), and i was forced to remember a vision i had some days ago that i had planned on sharing elsewhere, but it didn't seem like the place for it.

Well, this may be the place, i don't know.

Imagine if people around the world began printing out color pictures of kids harmed by war. Imagine if they then put them in an organized way, as altars. Everywhere. And also put up (or on the ground) pictures of happy kids, nearby, or within the ghastly ones.

Imagine if each of us put LARGE-sized text quotes with these pictures. Say, something like: WE DON'T HAVE TO PERPETUATE THE KIND OF ALIENATION THAT MAKES THIS REALITY! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! WE CAN BUILD SANITY TOGETHER!

(a new movement evolving occupy? --Sanity Together!?! Could more easily mix in with decolonize occupy!)

i'd put up links like [url] http://www.ic.org[/url] as a gift to passerby who feel particularly overwhelmed by such a site. A way to invite people to put aside their perpetually-alienated habits, and start to be a part of the solutions!

And think about this:
If women were able to meaningfully organize, they could start with-holding sex with them with their men. But they can't do it alone, as any reality of women beaten by such men in most of society exposes! And no professional will usually go out of their way ("too risky") to be in such a solidarity...so, informal it is. (tho watchout, they WILL try to infiltrate with their state-subordinate ideologies, working to promote scapegoats for you all to fear and hate, but nothing that really gets to the core of things!)


Imagine WHOLE CAMPUSES carpeted with such images. Imagine WHOLE STREETS. Imagine. Up to your imagination. To your best. Do you dare step up to such a test?

homepage: homepage: http://visionary4evolution.wordpress.com