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9.11 investigation

911: Eleven Years of Coverup and Counting....

Like a forked tongue on meth, the BS just keeps on comin'...
they say a jet went through this hole
they say a jet went through this hole
official Pentagon impact point
official Pentagon impact point
shanksville- a ditch with some trash strewn in it   official crash site
shanksville- a ditch with some trash strewn in it official crash site
if a jet crashed here it was a foot long
if a jet crashed here it was a foot long
pretending to witness a murder
pretending to witness a murder
Nukes? It fell at FREEFALL speed! Impossible for a
Nukes? It fell at FREEFALL speed! Impossible for a "collapse"- Bombs away!
missile striking Pentagon? Looks more like that than a JUMBO JET
missile striking Pentagon? Looks more like that than a JUMBO JET
SFX dumpster smudge pots brew thick black smoke screen literally & figuratively
SFX dumpster smudge pots brew thick black smoke screen literally & figuratively
Anyone who thinks that the American populace still has some kind of inner fortitude when it comes to actually believing in "Freedom" and "Truth" only has to consider the vast indifference to the the Truth of 911. Every time a newscaster spouts off about the "War on Terror", every time Biden gloats over the death of OBL, every time the Pentagon leaks fables about the poor Guanyanamo schmucks they're gonna hang for the attacks, every time Gestapo-like TSA goons sniff your butt at the airport, EVERY FREAKING TIME: It's all about a bunch of bald-face LIES that keep us all crazy, paranoid, delusional, and focused on FEAR, the great dehabilitator of Mankind. That was the true purpose behind the attacks- population control at the deepest levels of the subconscious. The evil gift that just keeps on giving- war without end, Amen.

And guess what, folks? Jet fuel doesn't melt steel. 11.Sep.2012 09:04

Jody Paulson

If it did, how could you fly in planes with steel engines?

So why is there evidence of molten steel in the dust from the Twin Towers, and in the pictures of its collapse?


Or this guy, too 11.Sep.2012 12:48

Toe Tag

The “reality of 9/11” is. . . 11.Sep.2012 22:21


The "reality of 9/11" is that the "truth" of what really happened regarding the events of 9/11 (endless lies, betrayals, hypocrisy, resulting 'by design' endless wars plus the resulting 'buy design' war economy) it's all too disturbing for most people to contemplate... has the potential to drive people crazy with anger if they think too much about the total fraud and total repercussions of the lies of September 11th, 2001.

Much of the time... it is too overwhelming for most people to come to the realization that the american populace had the wool FORCED over their eyes and that we were all deceived on such a monumental scale ('mass-corporate-mainstream-media-spectacle' of deception & illusion). The best 'fraud' that money could buy $$$.

The only "truth" about September 11th, 2001 is that we were LIED to about what really happened on September 11th, 2001.

That has to count for something and should at least matter to some degree... for all the resulting war/death, chaos and devastation caused because of the endless ONGOING LIES (Disaster Capitalism/|\Crimes of Empire are always 'shocking & awful'). The "war economy" alone should be reason enough for people to ask questions of all "corporate mainstream media narratives" that are forced upon us... and should give justified reason to question ALL 'webs of deception' weaved by so-called "authorities"/global leaders a.k.a. deceivers. It's past time to rethink the so-called "War on Terror" that was drilled into our 'collective psyche' (also known as the pretext needed for FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE & CONTROL). The war for resources/OIL was just an added "bonus". Never ending 'man-made global warring' in the age of 'man-made global warming' (((Climate Justice Now!))). 'Power & Control' and money is the name of the "game" $$$$$. It always has been. But... it doesn't have to be this way. ***Another World is Possible***. One which is rooted in the creation and foundation of total worldwide Earth JUSTICE—> for True Earth Liberation.

The 9/11 'war ruse' was the beginning of the *WAR AGAINST US ALL*.

(*Food-for-Thought from Last Year— Sept 11 2011*) Anonymous - re: 9/11 (NO JUSTICE - NO PEACE)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0EaiGTXmbM

I despise and hate the mindless label "troother" (I have never used this label to describe myself)... although I couldn't care less what dumbass names people call me— (I don't see why the quest for the truth about things should be made to be like some 'big crime' or whatever— it just seems strange... like it just changes the focus from where it should be... what with WAR CRIMES and all to be considered). I hate all labels because they have always been historically used to stereotype, categorize and classify people— (which then makes it so people can be judged and dismissed as "invalid" with their viewpoints). Labels are used to disempower and disable and shut down all dialogue. Labels are used to instill a 'divide & conquer' mentality within the collective stream of public consciousness. Labels are fucking stupid and are used by people as a means to dismiss critical thinking skills and are used to create stigma(for fear of ridicule) to discourage and prevent people from asking questions (which really is the only way to smash the 'status quo' business-of-war-as-usual). Labels perpetuate intolerance, arrogance, ignorance, apathy and denial. It seems to me... for all that has happened as a result of the last || years people would at least want to have some inkling towards wanting to know the truth/facts about what really happened. The so-called "official narrative" story was manufactured by bu$hCo Inc. . It was bought and paid for by the PNAC Group.


Why would we believe the lies 'told and sold to us' regarding 9/11 created by bu$hCo Inc. when they had a consistent track record of lying to us about *EVERYTHING ELSE*? Remember the 'weapons of mass destruction' lie and all the war lies/dogma that FORCED the war on Iraq? It's amazing how things just get "lost down the memory hole". The obomber administration just perpetuates the lies and uses the "official/authorities" bu$h administration manufactured story of 9/11 to attempt to justify drone warfare and the dropping of more bombs on innocent people and blowing them sky high. The left/right political paradigm "two-party-system" is a killing joke (dog & pony show of illusion). It's never made me laugh... I've just always seen it for what it is... a farce that causes mass death and suffering (war for profiteering and war privatization $$$). It's past time we see through the 'smoke & mirrors' illusion so the façade can be smashed and we can work towards putting an end to the *endless war game*. It's time we face reality. So-called "democracy" is dead. Fuck Empire and the path of chaos, death and destruction it creates.

There is a lot that gets *Lost Down the Memory-Hole*.

(((Flashback))) john the reVelator — (No more PNAC Lies/WarDogma—> War Crusades based on Lies and the pursuit of Full-Spectrum-Dominance/Hegemonic Imperialism/Globalization/Transnational Corporatist Fascism- Power & Control)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZeRwuN68VQ
"When Fascism Comes to America, it will be Wrapped in the Flag and Carrying a Cross." — Sinclair Lewis

Truth is Always the First Casualty of War. Warfare is always based on never ending lies & betrayal... hypocrisy. The WarSystem uses FEAR as a weapon. It instills fear in people as a means of 'control & domination'.
<><>—>>> 9/11 Coincidences pt 5-19 - PNAC: "A New Pearl Harbor" - (War Corporatism, Oil Control) - (ps.- I am NOT an Alex Jones fan/advocate just because there's mention at the end of video to his links which I do not support in any way... for a number of various reasons.)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ui8BRD9pCfA
Wars for "profit" at the true cost and expense of the Earth. $$$$$


The truth will set us ALL FREE.
Without Justice there is No Peace.

Rich Man's War $$$ —> Poor Man's Blood for OIL~~~~~~~~~~~~<O

No More 'Sacrificial Lambs/Scapegoats of War'.
All people are created EQUAL... no more "superiority complex" over 'others'.

"In cultural terms, it is as if the people of the U.S. have become mummified in plastic wrap... have become rendered Body Bag People." — Phil Rockstroh, NYC poet

Collectively... we have *freewill to choose* to not be mindless drones. We have freewill to have independent 'freedom of thought'. Our consciousness should not be forced to be corporatized as a "product"/"resource"/"commodity"... 'bought and paid for' and 'sold down the river' $$$$$. Our collective 'Stream of Consciousness' should be allowed to be FOREVER FREE. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*

This so-called modern/"progressive" civilization is fueled by the very thing that is consuming it (greed, blind hatred/intolerance, ignorance, apathy, conceit & arrogance). Until we realize this—> we will all remain 'slaves to the system'. *Independent Free Thinking Minds* that are open to new ideas/innoVation are the only "hope" we have for a possible future that is all-inclusive and treats all people WORLDWIDE with respect/justice/EQUALITY. *NO MORE XENOPHOBIA*. NO MORE SUPERIORITY COMPLEX OVER "OTHERS". ALL PEOPLE WORLDWIDE ARE CREATED EQUAL AND DESERVE EQUAL JUSTICE. DISMANTLE ALL "PRIVELEGE & ENTITLEMENT" ISSUES AND HELP TO CREATE A NEW AND BETTER WORLD FOUNDED IN *TRUE JUSTICE* WHICH WILL LEAD TO *TRUE LIBERATION FOR ALL*.

We have ***FREEWILL to UNPLUG*** and ***FREE OUR MINDS*** from the war dogma of the 'indoctrination of hate'. In the mentality of a controlled Police State the so-called "intelligence" attempts to teach and convince people that to ask questions and demand answers from the "authorities" is "unpatriotic" and therefore "unpopular" which equates to being 'bad and wrong'. The corporate media paints a negative picture of anti-war protestors and people who are 'truth activists' who speak out on behalf of demanding the truth about the information/causes of what transpired on September 11th, 2001 or people who demand answers to why our country is seemingly forever involved 'time and time again' in never ending ongoing ***ILLEGAL and IMMORAL WARS of INVASION/|\OCCUPATION***.

"There's no flag big enough to cover up the killing of innocent people". It's healthy to question the true meaning of the words "nationalism and patriotism" in the scheme of the 'big picture' *WorldView* with respect for the recognition of our connection to our fellow EQUAL ={Sisters and Brothers around the World}=.

"I have no country to fight for; my country is the Earth; I am a citizen of the World." — Eugene Victor Debs
"A new consciousness is developing which sees the Earth as a single organism, and recognizes that an organism at war with itself. . . is doomed. We are ONE EARTH." — Carl Sagan

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Studying history is necessary to avoid repeating past mistakes. Those who forget history and the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat it." — George Santayana (Law of Repetitive Consequences)

What I've Learned About U.S. Foreign Policy— The War Against the Third World  http://addictedtowar.com/dorrel.html

Bankster Gangster State - Michael Parenti  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5YVVo7ToHo
Michael Parenti tells it like it is. (***Flashback - 1993 Seminar***... Never Forget History Lest It Repeat) The Gangster Nature of the State - Michael Parenti (Part 1 of 6)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZJ5g8JppyQ&feature=related
Gangster State on vimeo:  http://vimeo.com/20715539
Studying Untold History that went unreported by the corporate mainstream media "news" oftentimes Helps People with Understanding the ***CRIMINAL NATURE OF THE STATE***.

Peter Dale Scott speaks out about 'looking deeper' for explanations into understanding the 'reality of history'— *Deep History*... Deep Events... Deep Politics... Deep State  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDZR72PPUO0&feature=related
Drugs and the Economy - Peter Dale Scott on Economics 101 (possible connections between 'Drug Money', Wall Street & War)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvhiK0reDwE&

The entire system is fraudulent and is powered by the 'art of deception' and by the 'art of war' (manufactured "war on drugs"/ manufactured "war on terror"). The entire system is *rigged*... it is engineered so that the only people who benefit from it are the people with the most money $$$. The rest of us are potential "Sacrifices for the WarSystem".

Mystery: How Wealth Creates Poverty in the World - By Michael Parenti - 02/17/07  http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article17102.htm

—>>>Make Connections<<<—

Always QUESTION so-called "authority"... IN ALL WAYS. In all areas of inquiry. It is the only way to 'smash the system' of never ending lies and war dogma. We have *freewill* to unplug from corporate control with regard to "official stories" that we are bombarded with via the corporate airwaves $$$. Questioning toxic lies is healthy for all. No more toxic lies/myths/illusions/war dogma that is killing the planet. It's past time to say "Enough!" The lies in the First World lead to more death and stealing of resources from people struggling in the developing Third World. They don't deserve to be massacred as a result of the endless LIES. Endless War creates poverty worldwide including the CREATION OF POVERTY in this country. The toxic WarSystem/|\WarMachine is sick on a multitude of levels. It is a disease upon the Earth. It is past time that it be UNPLUGGED for the good of ALL.

^>^>>>Change TACTICS<<<^<^ We must think of *NEW WAYS* to change the system—> Capitalism has FAILED (there is No Democracy—> only CORPORATISM and the 'lie-based wars' that fuel it). Consolidated - Strike (circa. 1990) —<(TIME TO EVOLVE—TIME TO UNPLUG—TIME TO *CREATE* SOMETHING NEW)>  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zE6gOu6S7fk&feature=related

Democracy is dead.
Killing Joke — Democracy  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXZSF13pM-I


You have a choice, we are your voice
Red, blue or yellow.
We will blow away the green $$$$$
Another five lane motorway
(You'll never get a referendum anyway)
Funny handshakes. insider dealing
Et in arcadia. arcadia ego
Backhanders and salamanders
A powerhouse that is morally

I'm sorry democracy is changing
I'm sorry democracy is changing

I'm not a slogan or a badge
Or a cross in the ballot box
Neither values or objectives
You do not represent my deepest
Thoughts and wishes
Education in obsolete skills
Stereotyping and media projection
Industrial psychologists
Plan a campaign that is financed by
Big business $$$$$

You have a choice, we are your voice
Red, blue or yellow.
We will blow away the green $$$$$
Another five lane motorway
(You'll never get a referendum anyway)


Demo"crazy" is changing.

—>>>RESISTANCE is eVerything<<<—

Smash the system.

George Orwell— "Every war when it comes, or before it comes, is represented not as a war but as an act of self-defense against a homicidal maniac. In our time political speech and writing are largely the defense of the indefensible. But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought. All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting. Political language... is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. War against a foreign country only happens when the moneyed classes think they are going to profit from it. Nationalism is power hunger tempered by self-deception. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. (On the manipulation of language for political ends.) We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent people. If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act."


R/evolution NOW.
Truth in times of Universal Deception is R/evolutionary.
Truth in times of Universal Deception is R/evolutionary.