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End forced medication within Psychiatry, Demand Human rights, Demand mutual respect

I have been again arrested and put in forced hospitalization in Oslo
Hello Sir/mm My name is Andre Dahl Jensen 

I am a Anarchist/activist that mostly develop and administrate groups/pages on social media, riseup.net and a website project ( www.a-revolt.org )

this is my situation.

I have been again arrested and put in forced hospitalization in Oslo, Norway. I had a appointment with a psychologist. As the meeting progressed discussing my situation, mostly my large consume of alcohol, it became apparent that I was being hospitalized because "they were worried" and I did not take the medication they advised me to take.

There is a long history of forced hospitalization beginning in September 2009 when I returned from living in Asia for 8 years, where I had little difficulties living. 

I was first hospitalized with force in November 2009, and harassed by other inmates, until I fled to France (January 2010).

Altogether I have spent 21 months out of 36 month hospitalized, last year in august 2011 I was put under forced hospitalization, while I was trying to leave Norway, and detained at a hospital after I had contacted them asking to get prescription for sleeping pills to take with me. That situation turned into a living nightmare, I recieved numerous threats and harassment from other inmates over time, and when I  explained this to the chief psychiatrician (Herman Tvete) he responded with forced medication and chaining me down to a bed for hours on time, on two accounts he himself came to inspect whether the leather belts where tight enough.  He also systematically refused to talk during our meetings, and would almost only give a order of forced medication as he left.  This went on for well almost two months.

Until a temporary employee stepped forward to the patient control commission and confirmed these threats and verbal abuse. (he was later fired) and the control commission transferred me to voluntary hospitalization immediately. on two accounts I tried to contact human rights organizations but was denied and/or ignored. My Lawyer, Thomas Engelskjøn can confirm all of this.

Now September 4th 2012, I once again was hospitalized by force. and I fear that what happened in august 2011 will repeat itself, I have for a long time have been struggling with anxiety because of all the threats and harassment's, however I am fully able to control my mental state, and take medicine that helps me sleep. What I cannot accept is that my life has become a nightmare because of this continual arrests, incarceration, and forced medications on no real basis of need but from a total denial of facts. As it is now I can be  detained within this hospital indefinite and medicated with force. I am also constantly aware of the grave threats made toward me in the past, and do not feel secure or that my freedom and life is respected. they refuse to acknowledge that I only receive threats and harassment in Scandinavia, when travelling within Europe, this never happens. in the 8 years i lived in Korea I did not experience anything I would view as threats or harassment, in fact Koreans are the most helpful and polite people I ever met. On three accounts have the Norwegian foreign dept. asked for my deportation, Germany (2002), South-Korea (2003) and France (2010) and both Germany, and France refused to deport me. 

some background information :

This  really started back in 2000 when attending a webdesign course in Sweden, I received threats of rape and murder, i panicked, and lost control, hence I was hospitalized. I received harassment within the hospital back then and fled from there and managed to leave Norway, and ended up living in Asia. 
The Norwegian Psychiatry refuses to let me live in peace. They have sabotaged every attempt to settle down abroad. And on no account do they try to contribute positively to my life, freedom and dignity. They even from somewhere around 2000/2002 put me under guardianship without my knowledge which lasted up to 2009, most of which I was struggling to live abroad while they forced my ex-girlfriend to write reports on me to the embassy in secrecy behind my back.

Please help me end this nightmare.

Yours Sincerely
Andre Dahl Jensen

Contact  information :

+47 95058234

Contact information of AHUS psychiatric Hospital :
Psychiatric Ward F
Tone Erikstad, section chief tef +47 67 96 93 07
guardrom tel. +47 67 96 83 03

Mette Garvoll Værøy, dept. chief.
Harald Bauer, chief doctor.

front desk  (opening hours 08.00-15.30)        
Tel.     +47 67 96 82 00/01/02
Fax:    +47 67 96 82 20

homepage: homepage: http://www.a-revolt.org