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Arson at the Thunderbird Hotel?

Mystery to unfold with a myriad of suspensions...
Well a story yet  to unfold
Well a story yet to unfold

Vacant Portland hotel burns; $5.6M in damage

Fire officials say a dramatic fire heavily damaged the vacant Thunderbird Hotel on Hayden Island near Interstate 5.

Fact 1 above is damage and a photo follows:  http://photos.oregonlive.com/oregonian/2012/09/thunderbird_hotel_fire_4.html

Fact 2  link to www.oregonlive.com

"The hotel was built in 1971, sold in 2002 by Red Lion Hotels Inc. and then sold again in 2004 to Thunderbird Hotel LLC, the current owner, according to Multnomah County property records.

The company owes the county more than $1 million in property taxes and hasn't paid since 2008, according to Multnomah County's Assessment & Taxation department. The tax bill to date, including interest, adds up to $1,123,801.02, a spokeswoman said.

The Thunderbird hotel is located at 1401 N. Hayden Island Drive. But property tax records show the mailing address as 909 N. Hayden Island Drive in care of Howard Dietrich Jr., a Portland-area investor. Dietrich, 64, owns the Red Lion Hotel on the River at 909 N. Hayden Island Drive. The Red Lion is current on property taxes, records show. "

Fact 3 Columbia River Crossing was going to go right over this hotel.

Fact 4 To be determined. Who was to be paying and who was to be receiving due to eminent domain.

Fact 5 Who benefits the most from the destruction Washington state, Oregon state, the Federal state, or the owner?

hotel and restaurant fires are not uncommon 09.Sep.2012 23:29


There have been a series of them in coastal Oregon over the past few years. They have always been determined to be accidental,even after minimal investigation. There is no question that a lot of this is arson.

The big boys play the game and we watch in wonderment.