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Jazz Timber Sale Update

The US Forest Service issued a Decision Notice and Environmental Assessment for the Jazz Timber Sale on September 7th, 2012. Bark has begun review of the decision and initial impressions indicate that the Forest Service did not fully address the more than 3,000 public comments submitted opposing the project.
We will provide more information after full review. The Jazz Timber Sale would log 2,000 acres of forest, throughout 30 square miles of the Collawash River watershed. >BR>
The Collawash is a tributary to the Clackamas River and is host to the last wild late run of winter coho salmon, making it key spot for the survival of this species. The Collawash is also considered the most geologically unstable area in all of Mt. Hood National Forest, having experienced 7 landslides in a single year alone. Logging loosens soil and increases sediment runoff into streams and rivers, and Bark is concerned these impacts would be magnified on this unstable landscape, and would negatively impact water health and salmon habitat.

The Jazz Timber Sale is being billed as restoration, yet would allocate time and money to re-build 11 miles of old roads that have been either actively decommissioned or are naturally reincorporating into the landscape, and would construct 0.4 miles of new road. Additionally, the large size and vast span of Jazz makes it very difficult for the public, let alone the Forest Service, to accurately gauge the environmental effects.

Nonetheless, Bark groundtruthers have spent more than 600 hours to survey all proposed Jazz units.

Link to Bark's 2011 Bark Hike to the Jazz Timber Sale.
This hike was also a mushroom hike, and the program features information both about the sale and collecting edible mushrooms.

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