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Aoki FBI Files Released: He was an FBI Asset For 16 Years

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way back when...
way back when...
Former 60's Black Panther Richard Aoki's FBI files were just released under the Freedom of Information Act. They definitely prove that he was working as an informant for the FBI for 16 years. He was the main weapons supplier for the Panthers, and cops were killed with guns he supplied. Former supporters still howl with denials, but it's tough to admit you were duped so thoroughly. I recently wrote a post here about this, when a former FBI agent admitted the same thing to the Center for Investigative Reporting. I was crucified by Indy gatekeepers and the article was composted. Of course it was easy then just to accuse the agent of lying. It's much harder to argue with a 221 page Federal file covering 16 years of spookiness. But I'm sure they'll try. In that post I mentioned the old adage that the hidden agencies control both sides of the argument one way or the other. I believe they're wrong and immoral to be that way, but I'm not going to deny the power of spookdom to obliterate the lines of reality