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Over the past few months, V.K. Durham and others have tried to explain how the world got into this mess. Here's the summary: The CIA, lead by George H.W. Bush, has economically sabotaged the world using other people's assets as collateral. They have also created tons of fake gold bonds that they flooded the world markets with. The money from the sale of these fake bonds was used to back a number of illegal operations around the world. This is a story of how one party to the mess is trying to fake his way through court by claiming that the fake bonds that he is holding are real and deserving of being paid. This is yet another operation run by these clowns.
More background on these operations can be found in the archives of Rumormill and theantechamber.net. This is a Nazi operation. There are various parts of the operation. One group is called Faction Two. They are elitists who want to take their inner circle to an island with their ill-gotten gains and put everybody else into camps. There is another group headed by the Bush Cabal that just wants to kill off the inconvenient people (i.e. those that have been robbed)

There are other groups that are rogue operatives from the black world who are tired of making money for the clowns at the top and decided to cash in for themselves. One of the bogus operations is called the OITC which is a facade that uses a back story that contains some factual information and a lot of fiction to justify their activities. They claim to be involved with a large trust relating to the Sukarno family of Indonesia and working with their gold. In reality, they are either working with fake gold bonds or planning to use the gold stolen from the Phillipines under Marcos to underwrite their activities. That gold doesn't belong to Sukarno or these clowns. Its real owners are pretty pissed off about the situation and planning to recoup it somehow.



Drake...The Rest of the Story... Scott and Keenan

Date: Friday, 7-Sep-2012 10:53:21

>>>Due Diligence Alert<<<

Hang Em High

A few days ago I received an email with attachments from Keith Scott basically complaining about Neil Keenan and hoping to get some recruits for his team. This letter was about Keenan being dismissed from the Soekarno Trust and the Amanah refusing Keenan's presence. It talked about the Liens, Abe Stanbouli's supposed arrest, and the fact that Keenan lied when he said that Stanbouli was detained in Singapore. I read that Keenan is a big liar referring to Alex Le Ling Soon's case, and finally he tried scaring me by saying that Keenan's case is no good without him and his group.

Soon after this I received a call from Wagoner, Scott and Winston Shrout, all complaining about Keenan. Wagoner told me Keenan was ruining his reputation and was cursing about it. Scott voiced the same opinion as Wagoner, stating Keenan was nothing and causing problems. Although Winston agreed, he expressed his objections much better and held a civil tongue.

I did my due diligence as Scott suggested. I advised him that the Soekarno Trust Mandate had expired in 1998. The Amanah has to be accepted by the BIS, World Bank, Government of Indonesia, UBS, and many International Agencies.

That they would have licenses from all the above if they are the Amanah.

We know who the Amenah is and he has nothing to do with Scott. I asked for these documents during the call and have not heard from Scott's team since.

So, if there is no Soekarno Trust Mandate and Scott's Amanah is not the rightful Amenah, then this means Scott and his group have nothing but falsely filed claims in the US District Court. Keenan already withdrew from those liens seeing as he knew about all this. So this leaves Winston and Scott holding fraudulently filed liens.

I would think Shrout would know better.

Then there is Abe. It was Wagoner who emailed Martha Wibawa saying Abe might be in jail because Abe never came out of the Singapore Central Bank. Scott was speaking to an attourney named Stanley Hoop who said Abe was in jail facing 15 years.

They were playing a game but Keenan considered Abe a friend and was trying to find a way to help him. They claim Keenan lied by mentioning Abes name yet Keenan never says anything bad about Abe. Keenan was worried about a friend at the time but no longer considers him one.

Now we have Singapore and Alex Le Ling Soon. Wagoner told Keenan he knew Alex before he did, if so, why did Wagoner need Keenan's people to help? Alex Soon did not want to see Wagoner. In a call one of the principles said that they had to plea for Alex to see Wagoner. Wagoner made his presentation and Alex told him he did not like it and it was old. He asked Wagoner what he thought about Neil, and Wagoner called Keenan a fool. Soon said hard headed but not foolish, Neil's package was more creative and the only one so far that had a chance to help Edy Seno. Wagoner then asked for 100,000 to do his financial package and was denied. There was no mention of Alex Soon giving Keenan $35,000 or any amount. Wagoner did not have funds to leave Singapore so Alex bought him a ticket to Hong Kong. Wagoner's version of events is inaccurate and the attempt in Singapore was to remove Keenan from the picture, which was promoted by Scott and Wagoner. Wagoner and Scott say Stanley worked with them as the third party in this.

This leaves the C & D (cease and desist) issued by Edy Seno to Neil Keenan. Seno, the head of the Soekarno Trust, was in the hospital and no one could see him. Wagoner called Soon's right hand man Chee who is very close to someone Wagoner knows asking for Jack's (Indian) number, calls Jack and tells him that he had spoken to Nelu, and got the number from Nelu. Wagoner tells Jack that Neil Keenan can't help anymore so they need to get Keenan off the C & D immediately. Peter Wagoner had not spoken to Nelu, Nelu did not approve anything, and Jack and Wagoner went to the hospital together and got Seno to sign the C & D. To this day Seno is confused as to what happened. Peter Wagoner, Keith Scott, and Abe thought they had won when they got the C & D but underestimated Neil Keenan. I was told to do my due diligence, I am doing that and then some.

I spoke with the president of a large organization who willingly discussed the Keith Scott situation with me, telling me that while Keenan was trying to complete a deal, Keith was trying to do a secondary deal behind Keenan's back. Keenan knew he was doing this, warned the principle, and sure enough Scott's people screwed that deal up as well. That was an O.I.T.C. guy named Ron Ferguson, and I heard that Scott and Ferguson have no idea how to handle a transaction. At the same time Keenan had to return home and Scott took over the Singaporean Dollar deal, immediately going after Keenan's position in this. He tried hard to move Keenan out but the BIS closed Scott, Abe and their Amanah down. They tried working things out without the foundation/organizations approval and were shut down. As Scott said, they had nothing.

The same foundation did a complete background check on Scott using the federal system, finding what has been said to be true. The foundation is disgusted with Scott, what he has done with children and never wants to hear from him again.

This was a systematic effort to remove Keenan from everything. Wagoner is a broker, not a Rockefeller, his mom is not Rockefeller's sister, and he is not a lawyer, just a wannabe. He screamed and shouted about how Keenan was treating him. Scott thought he had a fantastic plan to rid himself of Keenan, putting himself in charge, and he ended up with nothing but failure.

Keith Scott is the liar, as the saying goes between Wagoner and Scott, 'one lies and the other swears to it'. What they failed to realize is that Keenan baited the trap and they bit, that Keenan was always a couple of steps ahead of them. This is about the legal money they tied up in Indonesia, the money that was to be used to finance the lawsuit.

One final note, Keith Benedict and Terrance Wayne from London, working with Tonni from Indonesia ( all Pakistani), are involved in this scam and are all informants. Apparently they are working for the Cabal.

I hope this clears the air and explains the things few others know about.

~ Drake