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Nostradamus, Prince Harry, and Afghanistan

Prince Harry goes off to war. Will he fulfill the rest of his prophecized fate?
Whether one believes in things like prophecy or not, you must admit that the predictions of the 16th Century seer Michel de' Nostradamus have often been uncannily right on target. One of his more mysterious predictions concerns a young 'Prince' of England. Here is the 'quatrain' about the Prince: "They will come to deliver the Prince of Denmark, a shameful ransom to the temple of Artemis" The identity of the 'Prince' has been debated for decades but never really pinned down. The 'Prince' is obviously Harry. He is termed the "Prince of Denmark' because his mother, Princess Diana, had Royal Danish ancestry as well as British. Where do you think Harry got that red hair? A Viking in the woodpile. Harry's Vegas fling was certainly "shameful" in that he was photographed naked embracing a naked woman in the "Temple of Artemis": Las Vegas itself. Artemis is a classical aspect of Venus, the Goddess of Love. The infamous pic even looked like it was snapped in a "temple": the $5,000 a night hotel suite. But Harry's prophecy doesn't stop there. Whoever Nostradamus w3as pinpointing also has another fate. "An English Prince, War has his heart in the sky, will wish to follow his prospering fortune. In two duels (battles), one, hated by him, will pierce him the gallbladder, but he is well loved by his mother". What's so interesting about this prediction is that Prince Harry is about to leave for Afghanistan on a four month tour of duty (his 2nd) in a APACHE HELICOPTER GUNSHIP. As a GUNNER. He jokes about being a "Bullet Magnet". How weird is all this? VERY!