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antifascist alert

holocaust denier organizes picnic at sellwood park, invites racist convicted bomber


the following email was leaked:


Portland 911 Truth-Alliance

Thursday, August 30, 2012 9:33 AM

From: "oregontt"  oregontt@aol.com>

To:  oregontt@aol.com

Below is information on three upcoming events The Portland 911 Truth Alliance will be Hosting.

The Portland 911 Truth-Alliance is happy to present author and 911-researcher MARK GAFFNEY on Saturday, September the 1st. This is a FREE event at the Hollywood Library in Portland, Oregon which is located at 4040 N.E. Tillamook. This even will be held from 2pm to 4: 30 p.m.

Mark's talk is titled "Black 911: Money, Motive and Technology."

The weeks following the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, were traumatic for nearly every American, but for some, the answers they received from the media and the government to explain the horrific events was not satisfactory. Accusations of cover-ups, internal plots, and sabotage from within the ranks of the U.S. government were - and continue to be - not uncommon.

But compelling evidence contrary to the accepted narrative has, for some skeptics, been lacking .

Mark Gaffney's investigation into the events of that day reveals dark secrets about the United States. Taking highly complex technical and scientific information, and distilling it for the consumption of the layperson. Mark's inquiry attempts to reveal the truth behind that infamous day.

Mark H. Gaffney is an environmentalist, peace activist, researcher, and author of many books. Mark holds a degree in physical science and lives in Southern, Oregon.

Other upcoming Portland 911 Truth-Alliance Events include a movie on the 7th and a pot luck on the 9th. :

The viewing of the pilot episode of the Lone Gunman, which foretold the 911 operation in incredible detail 6 months before it happened. This will show at the MIDLAND LIBRARY at 805 S.E. 122nd in Portland, Oregon at Friday, Sept. 7 at 2 p.m.

Truth and Food

Sunday Sept. 9th

1 to 5pm

Area "G" Sellwood Park

SE 7th and SE Lambert
Tired of Propaganda?

Feel smothered by people parroting lies?
Well this potluck is for you!

Bring food you like to eat and beverages you like to drink to share with others! A Bullshit Free zone will exist around area G. People who talk about the 9-11 false flag, Portland's water system and why we must stop the poisoning of the water via fluoride, Palestine and how we are all Palestinians, peace, justice and anything else; will be there.

There will be an extra interesting participant, Fritz Springmeir, at the potluck. Find out about him come and ask a question.


An easier way to find out about Springmeier:


Fritz Artz Springmeier is an American conspiracy theorist and religious right wing author, formerly a resident of Corbett, Oregon, who has written a number of books claiming that satanic forces are behind a move toward world domination by various families and organizations. He has described his goal as "exposing the New World Order agenda."[1

Conspiracy theories
Springmeier has written and self-published a number of books based on the ideology of what's been described as an "ultra-right-wing group" called the Christian Patriot Association;[2] this group was shut down in 2002 after convictions for tax fraud and tax evasion.[3]

In the talk page someone asks if he's dead:


-- its being scrubbed out. isn't the guy dead now? —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 23:59, 9 February 2011 (UTC)

The guy filmed by Joe Anybody the last time Spingmeier was hosted by the 911 Truth Alliance is probably an imposter:




Details of Springmeier Bomb plot:

 link to www.splcenter.org

March 1, 2001
As part of an ongoing probe into a white supremacist group, federal and local law enforcement agents raid the Corbett, Ore., home of Fritz Springmeier, seizing equipment to grow marijuana and weapons and racist literature. They also find a binder notebook entitled "Army of God, Yahweh's Warriors" that contains what officials call a list of targets, including a local federal building and the FBI's Oregon offices. Springmeier, an associate of the anti-Semitic Christian Patriots Association, is eventually charged with setting off a diversionary bomb at an adult video store in Damascus, Ore., in 1997 as part of a bank robbery carried out by accomplice Forrest Bateman Jr. Another 2001 raid finds small amounts of bomb materials and marijuana in Bateman's home. Eventually, Bateman pleads guilty to bank robbery and Springmeier is convicted of the same charges, and both are sentenced to nine years.

for more on  oregontt@aol.com go to pdx911truth.ning.com/profile/TimTitrud

or google>> titrud holocaust denial



Tim Titrud is still around pimping Nazi shit? 06.Sep.2012 16:36

aw man

What a looser. You'd think the David Irving fiasco would have made him leave town.

draging around 06.Sep.2012 18:11


this post is by someone making trouble here on indymedaia

tim is not "still doing anything"

trol alert not antifascism

if im wrong then prove it here n now

and please dont bring up the david irving thing

denial is loud and clear 06.Sep.2012 20:22


"tim is not "still doing anything" "

uh...it's kinda obvious he is...

"and please dont bring up the david irving thing"

why not?

who's the troll now?

hmmmm 07.Sep.2012 10:08


At least one comment isn't getting published. Someone having a problem refuting "dragging arounds" denial?

really now 08.Sep.2012 16:52


wish we all could see the refuted proof of him being as you [quote] "VIOLENT RACIST ORGANIZERS"

besides just 'your' accusations saying such:

it seems a stretch and a far cry, to be dragging around one isolated event from a few years ago as your only proof

what in the post about the pot-luck picnic gathering in the park that is so wrong that you need to raise this flag

is it that the group is a 911 truth group?

or are they violent and racist if so can you please explain?

eat me 10.Sep.2012 13:26


Anti-batshit not anti-fascism.

-smirking and giggling from afar. Maybe if you didn't create boogymen you wouldn't spend your time trying to sniff them out.

for portland truth alliance apologists 11.Sep.2012 14:39


i'll just put this here