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San Francisco Critical Mass 20th Anniversary Interstellar Ride

All Earth First!ers are cordially invited to participate in the Critical Mass 20th Anniversary Ride in San Francisco. Let's make it HUGE!
Please join with us for the mother of all street parties, a collective condemnation of the global psychotic patriarchal plutocracy, in view of the consensus of climatologists worldwide that the tipping-point-of-no-return in regard to the planet earth's climate destabilization will begin in approximately five years. Details of events prior to and after the ride are here:  http://www.sfcriticalmass.org/20th-anniversary/calendar-of-events/

The afterparty the evening of Friday, September 28th, is at Vesuvio (Columbus & Broadway, next to City Lights Bookstore, in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood).

homepage: homepage: http://www.sfcriticalmass.org