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There is no democracy without economic democracy

Cooperatives would not have stratospheric executive pay or financiers getting fat by skimming off a large share of the pie without the need to produce excess profits, the result would be reduced work hours, higher pay and more left over for investment and taxes paid to the community to support schools and social services.
When we talk about "democracy," inevitably, it seems, the discussion is about political democracy. Rarely is there discussion about economic democracy. Democracy stops at the entrance to the workplace.

At the workplace, you have no say in what is produced, how it is produced or much of anything beyond what you will be eating for lunch. You surely did not get a vote when the corporation decided to drop a large sum of money on a candidate for public office whose positions you detest even though that donation came out of the profits created by the work you and your co-workers performed. As large businesses become ever larger and accumulate ever more money and fewer survive as competition causes some of the previous winners in competition to go under or merge their power grows ever stronger.

That power enables decisive influence over the political process. So we have formal democracy political office-holders submit to elections and abide by the results. But choosing between two bad candidates, and selecting the one not quite as bad as the other both completely beholden to corporate interests and unable to compete without truckloads of their money could qualify as a living democratic system only under the most sterile and narrowly formulaic definition.

Inseparable from a vigorous and real political democracy is economic democracy. Economic democracy is impossible without production being oriented toward human, community and social need rather than private accumulation of capital. And economic democracy, in turn, requires an economy that is based on, and rewards, cooperation rather than competition. An economy in which enterprises are cooperative ventures rather than top-down authoritarian institutions.

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