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Editing help needed for media project during S17 actions.

Attention media peeps!
Me and my friend, Adriane "Red Hat" Ackerman will be traveling from Portland to NYC for actions planned for the 15th,16th and 17th of September and are putting together a media project. (here is a link to the events we will be covering  http://interoccupy.net/s17nyc/ )

What we aim to do is cover the events and actions in a daily news format.
We are both experienced activists - this is not our first rodeo.
I have video experience (on the streets) and feel confident in my ability to "get the shot"
My friend is very good with her words, very knowledgeable about the occupy movement and beyond, and will be able to report the news from a radical perspective.
What we are looking for is a person/persons, who have experience editing video, who will be available for us to send our footage to on a daily basis, perhaps at a specified time each day. This person/persons would then be responsible for editing all of our footage to make a video, and releasing it to the Internets as widely as possible.
The goal is to get good quality, edited, news format video, out to a large audience as soon as possible after events take place.
We feel this will help those who are curious about what is happening in NYC during this time to get a radical, truth-to-power, daily news summary of the events.
This project is open to the possibility of expanding to (coordinating with) other film crews and a larger team of video editors if the response is strong, so please reach out even if you can't personally participate, but have trusted contacts who might be a good fit.
Please be in touch ASAP if you would like to be part of this project, or if you have questions and or comments, as the clock is ticking. We'd love to have our team assembled in the next week, so we can solidify plans at least a week before we leave.

In Solidarity,

Chops and Adriane

please contact  truthtopowernews@gmail.com