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What's On My Food?

Pack a smarter lunchbox! Food choices can protect developing minds

As kids head back to school, parents are doing what they can to send them out the door ready to learn. Here's an important item for the checklist: pack lunches free of pesticides that may hamper the functioning of a child's brain
Use What'sOnMyFood? to choose foods free of pesticides that can harm kids' ability to learn.

Choosing fruits and veggies for lunch is always a healthy start. Yet in study after study, scientists report that pesticides commonly found on produce may harm a child's ability to learn. What to do?

What'sOnMyFood? can help. Our online tool reveals which pesticides are found on common foods, and the health effects these chemicals can cause ? including neurological harms.

Blueberries? Grapes? Carrots? Find out which lunchbox fruits and veggies have the most and fewest pesticide residues, and which of these pesticides can harm developing minds.

The What'sOnMyFood? database and app also show how widespread use of agricultural chemicals threatens the health of workers, rural communities, wildlife and ecosystems ? as well as children across the country.

Use it. Share it. We designed What'sOnMyFood? to help build momentum toward real pesticide reform ? and we need your help to make it work! After you explore the site, please do share it with your neighbors, family and friends.

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