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Black CNN Camerawoman Taunted With Racial Epithets Inside GOP Convention

No comment yet from Condoleeza Rice
GOP- Pandering to Racism and Fear AS USUAL
GOP- Pandering to Racism and Fear AS USUAL
According to the Houston Chronicle, a couple of vehemently racist Republican Convention attendees started throwing peanuts at a Black camerawoman working for for CNN and yelling "This is how we feed the animals here" and using the "N" word as well. They were both evicted from the hall. CNN is taking the easy way out and "declining to comment". I watched the whole damned thing and the only other Black face I saw was Condoleeza Rice. This was the whitest crowd since George Wallace! This story needs to be routed globally and right away. The GOP has no comment either.

Scum Magnet 30.Aug.2012 18:07

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

Republican party attracts scum, like a magnet attracts iron.

care to notice? 31.Aug.2012 09:02


Notice the acronym on the podium? Is this picture actually from the convention?

As for Ms. Rice, we as a culture love our pets, don't we? The Republicans are no different.

The ONLY Black Face was Condoleezza Rice??? WRONG!!! 09.Sep.2012 14:37


If you watched the whole thing and the only black face you saw was Condoleeza Rice, you're not very observant. How about speakers such as Artur Davis (former Democrat and former co-chair of Obama's 2008 campaign)? How about rising start Mia Long, the current Mayor of a city in Utah who is running for Congress? Those are two off the top of my head, but there are plenty of others. Herman Cain, Allen West, etc. Do your research before you write crap like this.