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Fluoride Hearing

 link to www.oregonlive.com
There is a hearing Sept 6th at 2pm. Follow this link to find out details. They will be deciding about it Sept 12th with no public vote.
Once again people are trying to put fluoride in our drinking water.
Whether or not flouride is good for our teeth or not is NOT the main issue here.
Adding so called "beneficial supplements" to our drinking water is forced medication!
This is a dangerous can of worms. Nothing should be adeed to our drinking water, ever.
Isn't this country about freedom of choice? How is this constitutional?
Small groups of citizens organize every year to fight this. People give up their bank accounts and their time with family and friends to organize against this. They have won up to this point. Every two years it seems these organizations (see below article for partial list) with money and therefore time, keep putting it back in our face. The citizens do not have the time or money to keep fighting against corporate interests. Why do you think this is so important? So important that they can not take NO for an answer? The whole process is exhausting. They say this is a democracy? Voting No means NO.
Below are some articles that are biasedly written and are full of propaganda.
Please read them with this in mind.
Upstream public health is an organization locally that is helping corporate organizations to push this.
Please write and call and educate others. Fluoride has been known to sedate populations.
Don't let it happen here!

 link to www.statesmanjournal.com

Commissioner Randy Leonard
1221 SW 4th Ave, Rm. 210
Portland, Oregon 97204
(503) 823-4682

Dan Saltzman
City Commissioner
Room 230
Portland, OR 97204
(503) 823-4151
F: (503) 823-3036

Nick Fish City Commissioner
(503) 823-3589
F: (503) 823-3596

Commissioner Amanda Fritz
1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 220
Portland OR 97204
(503) 823-3008

Protect Portlands Famous Water 04.Sep.2012 11:30


Please do take action:

It is imperative that e-mails be sent to the Commissioners and the Mayor. (E-mail addresses are provided below for your convenience).

Call their office, leave messages, and if at all possible come and testify to the council this Thursday September 6th. Sign up sheets will be placed outside at 12:00, with testimony beginning at 1:00pm. Those invited as guest speakers in support of fluoridation will start. Those in opposition will be speaking intermittently with those in favor beginning around 1:45 or 2:00pm. They expect a crowd, and each testimony is to be only 2 minutes long. The council meeting will adjourn by 7:00pm. They do not expect everyone to get an opportunity to speak, so come early to get in line if you feel strongly about this issue. I plan to be there by 10am or so. In addition, if you cannot attend in person, you can forward your written testimony to the council by 9/11/12 to be considered prior to the council voting on 9/12/12 on this ordinance.

Most Importantly:

With your correspondence please include Clerk Council, Karla Moore-Love with a cc. She has informed me on two occasions that comments, e-mails, testimony etc. are not a part of guaranteed public record without her directly receiving a copy. Her e-mail is  karla.moore-love@portlandoregon.gov.
First and foremost:
According to an Oregon Live article posted 8/31,

Commissioner Leonard is on record as "requesting that the Portland Water Bureau (PWB) complete compliance of his proposed ordinance (not yet voted on) for adding fluoride to Portland's water two months before the November 2014 election period." (See  http://topics.oregonlive.com/tag/fluoridation/index.html)

Note, this timing is important, as those opposing water fluoridation in Portland have suggested that if the council votes for fluoridation, they will gather 30,000 signatures to place the issue of whether to fluoridate or not fluoridate on the first available ballot... .. in 2014.

This indicates, to me, a few issues. First and most importantly Commissioner Leonard, and the city council, if they vote in agreement on 9/12/12 will be by-passing our consent, and our right as citizens to fully participate in this decision.

Whether you support water fluoridation or do not, I feel we can all agree that we value our democracy and right to choose. The suggested time to implement such a program was five years, and a quickened process was estimated at three years. Such a suggestion per Commissioner Leonard to speed up the implementation to approximately two years indicates awareness that we the citizens of Portland do not support such a program due to growing scientific concerns of community health risks.