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What has happened in the USA wasn't an accident. It was the intentional destruction of the US economy for the benefit of a small group of insiders. Their idea was to impoverish the people so that they could buy up their assets cheaply and exert total control over the USA and the world.
THREE MAJOR FINANCIAL POWERHOUSES PULLED TOGETHER TO TAKE DOWN THE UNITED STATES FOR THE BENEFIT OF INTERNATIONAL BANKSTERS. This article is about how this group used the military and intelligence services that WE THE PEOPLE pay for to take OUR country apart with financial warfare. Insidious, pervasive and horrifying...THEY have worked behind the scenes to strip everybody of their assets and reduce us to the status of peons worldwide. READ THIS ARTICLE AND PROLIFERATE IT.

Yes. Journalism is alive and well in the U.S. of A. That being said a very valuable contribution to Investigative Journalism by Unwanted Intelligence Publicity Group which goes back to 'the source' or al quad.. [quote] The Viet Nam Embassy said that Vietnamese U.S. citizen Vo Van Duc (aka) Nguyen Vinh Tan is also wanted in connection with the Vietnam Embassy bomb scare on June 19, 2001 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Nguyen Huu Chanh, leader of the GOVERNMENT OF FREE VIET NAM ( California, USA ), said the Vietnamese U.S. citizen Vo Van Duc (aka) Nguyen Vinh Tan was continuously residing uninterupted in the Philippines since February 21, 2001 and therefore cannot be the same man Bangkok, Thailand police associate with the later Viet Nam Embassy bomb scare on June 19, 2001.

Reference  http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0WDP/is_2001_Sept_10/ai_79021264
VKD. Lets move on to the "OITC" of Ray C. Cam and others actively engaged in overthrowing the U.S. Monetary System just to destroy the FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING CORPORATION of the US AND UK.

[ In RE: GOVERNMENT OF FREE VIET NAM ( GFVN ), GFVN Gold Bullion Reserve Certificates, Tony Nguyen, Ray Dam, et al. ( immediately below ) ]

Courtesy: Unwanted Publicity Information Group


Subject: Ray C. Dam
Posted By: dinque2121 - Registered User
Posted At: January 12, 2003 / 2:36 a.m.

Whisper, he does travel occasionally. I met him some years ago in Bangkok. At the time he had some of the "Infamous" Soekarno and Marcos GB Certificates.

At the time he was actively involved with Tony Nyugen ( General Secretary of the Government of Free Viet Nam ) and Fred Kirkpatrick, a so-called 5 star General and former Senator from Illinois ( more lies ).

Their stated objectives was to use the Certificates to raise funds for the Government of Free Viet Nam. Tony Nyugen claimed he was going to be the next PM of Vietnam once they had freed Vietnam from Communism. Tony Nyugen's organisation operates out of California and is still sctive.

Also involved was Gary Pierce - possibly "Pearce" - (aka) Gary Poindexter and Cheryl Poindexter of C.S.I. AG, a company that claimed to hold billions of gold reserves in Chile.

They issued Government of Free Vietnam Gold Bullion Reserve Certificates and sold many of them in the Far East. Of course, try to call on them at due date and what have you got, NOTHING. Even the officers have disappeared from the addresses given.

The whole group of these people also printed their own Government of Free Viet Nam currency ( money ) and was selling it to niave Vietnamese on the basis that when they come to power in Vietnam, the money would be full legal tender and they could then claim or use it.

All a very big SCAM with very devious people / parties behind it.

Ray Dam talks well and certainly has education, which is more than I can say for all the others, however WHAT A CROCK.

I just wasted a bit of time. I did not become involved.....fortunately.


Very Powerful investigative reporting can be read here which will substantiate this writers statements:  link to upintelligence.multiply.com

We must agree Mr. Fulford writes fluently and most eloquently regarding matters involving his deceased associate Dr. Michael Van de Meer aka Meiring who it appears from voluminious materials written and publicised by highly respected Investigative Reporters was further involved with the Philippine Gold "Black Ops" which further involves engagement of US Operatives working with Agents of Foreign Governments [who the US Secret Service refused to investigate stating their only duty was to protect the president of the US.].

There are several articles contained here-to written by an alleged former "Forbes" employee, i.e. Benjamin Fulford, COMPLETE Weekly Geopolitical Article and "Young lady fears she will be sacrificed Aug 31"

Please take note of the appearance in the 'style change' in Benjamin Fulfords writings since Dr. Michael Van de Meer aka (Meiring) passing/termination August 10, 2012. When conversing with Dr. Michael some time ago, Dr. Michael casually stated [quote] "You should know I write Benjamin Fulfords articles to get my messages out."

If one will notice; There is a definate difference in "style". Mr. Fulford seems to be regressing to his former style as a writer for FORBES which incidentally (I am led to believe) print the US FED. R. NOTE aka US DOLLAR. Not to be confused with the Constitutional U.S. Dollar used for payment of Debts identified in Article 1. Sec. 10. Section. 10.No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility. See  http://www.constitution.org/constit_.htm ]

Fulford, COMPLETE Weekly Geopolitical Article and "Young lady fears she will be sacrificed Aug 31"  http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=250692

Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 28-Aug-2012 00:16:44

In Response To: Fulford Blurb: The Kidnapped 13-Year Old Princess; also, Financial and Industrial Purge Has Begun in China (Jordon)

Hi, Folks -

This week only Benjamin Fulford has asked us to post his complete by-subscription article, for reasons given below.

E-mail from Benjamin Fulford:


Hello, I am unable to post up-dates on my blog because I have been unable to contact my webmaster, Lisa, who is traveling in Europe. She was contacting me every day during her trip until I asked her to post the following article. The young lady, obviously under serious threat, later asked me not to publish her story. I am doing so anyway because I believe she is either in danger or was associated with some sort of psy-ops. In any case, the authorities need to investigate her and her associates. Also, I have included my latest weekly subscription blog because I cannot put it up on the paid site without Lisa's help. If no word comes from her for another day, I will contact interpol and the Japanese police.

Young lady in Germany fears she will be sacrificed during August 31 full blue moon ceremony

By Benjamin Fulford 20120825

Nigina Shokoor, a 25-year old woman living in Munich, Germany, is fearing for her life after a family friend $B!H (Bwho belongs to the Mafia $B!I (B told her she had been chosen to be a human sacrifice at an upcoming Satanic Ritual.

Shokoor says she will die in six days, a date which coincides with the full moon on August 31st. This full moon is of special significance to occult secret societies because it is a blue moon; the second full moon during the same month.

She originally asked this writer to contact Nicholas Windsor, a British royal family member who converted to Catholicism, because the mafia friend told her he was the only person who could help her. Windsor would not respond when contacted by this writer.

Shokoor asked this writer to provide her with protection from the White Dragon Society. The best we can do is ask people to notify the police in Munich, Germany that Nigina Shokoor, of 185 Hesenstr, Gievenbech, Munster is clearly scared and is seeking help.

By publishing her story in advance we hope to prevent a tragedy.

Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20120827: The story of the kidnapped 13-year old princess; also, about the financial and industrial purge that has begun in China

By Benjamin Fulford

The old colonialist regime is Asia is falling apart fast and hysterical efforts to fan $B!H (Bterritorial disputes, $B!I (B will not save it. This can be seen in a flood of new revelations coming from the new regime in North Korea as well as in signals being put out by the new government scheduled to take power in China in November.

The latest revelation from North Korea is the stuff of fairy tales. Yokota Megumi, the 13-year old girl spirited away from Japan in 1977 is a member of the Japanese imperial family, according to multiple Japanese, North Korean and Chinese sources. She was taken to be married to North Korean leader Kim Jong-il in order to give the Kim dynasty imperial legitimacy. Her son, new North Korean leader Kim Jon-un, is now suggesting Yokota be given the title of $B!H (BEmpress Dowager. $B!I (B

The North Koreans are saying they are representatives of the old imperial Japanese regime that was pushing for a greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere during World War 2.

The Chinese for their part, are also preparing for a $B!H (Bparadigm shift, $B!I (B in power that will be preceded by a major purge of banks and industrial conglomerates linked to the old regime.

First, let us look at the latest North Korean revelations as revealed by multiple sources including a retired senior North Korean yakuza boss in Japan.

The story goes back, as we have previously written, to the end of World War 2 when remnants of the Japanese imperial army in China set up the nation of North Korea.

After the war, they resumed their contacts with their Nazi allies who had now set up the Odessa underground.

The Nazis, operating through the CIA, allied themselves with remnants of the former Japanese military regime in North Korea to set up a secret $B!H (Banti-communist $B!I (B control grid in Japan after the war.

The Nazis, for their part, were still trying to establish their 1000 year New World Order 4th Reich while their Asian allies were still fighting to set up the Asian co-prosperity sphere: same bed, same enemies, different dreams.

During the Vietnam war the North Koreans sent special forces to Vietnam to fight against the West. When any of these troops were captured most of them committed suicide by using cyanide capsules but some survived, according to a Japanese agent who questioned them. The survivors, under questioning, said they were in Vietnam fighting on behalf of the Greater East Asian Co-prosperity sphere.

It was also during this time the North Koreans began kidnapping Japanese to recruit as agents, according to the North Korean yakuza boss and multiple other sources. Japanese author Mishima Yukio was at this time shown a video of the Ishikawa Prefecture (the closest part of Japan to North Korea) Police cooperating with the North Koreans in the kidnapping of Japanese citizens.

An enraged Mishima showed the video to then Chief Cabinet Secretary Horii Shigeru and Ishihara Shintaro (now governor of Tokyo). Horii took no action and Ishihara said $B!H (BI will pretend I did not see that video, $B!I (B according to the sources. Disgust at this reaction was one of the reasons for Mishima $B!G (Bs public suicide by Hara Kiri at the Japan self-Defense Force headquarters.

After the cold-war ended, a US defector to North Korea by the name of Charles Jenkins contacted US authorities and said he wanted to surrender and be granted immunity in exchange for revealing the North Korean spy network in Japan.

This marked the beginning of the anti-North Korean kidnapping hysteria in Japan that culminated in a trip by then Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi to North Korea to repatriate some kidnapping victims. Koizumi brought with him a 1.4 trillion yen bribe as a gift to North Korea at the time to pay for the return of the kidnappees.

The head of the Aozora bank, Tadashi Honma, (here is a link to a censored version of a story I had on Forbes about some of this:


was killed in a murder made to look like a suicide in order to prevent him from objecting to his bank $B!G (Bs funds being used for this purpose. He was forced to write a will at gun point and was then injected with sleeping drugs before being strangled to death, according to a senior member of the gang that carried out the hit.

In any case, the US Nazi authorities, terrified of losing their secret North Korean control grid in Japan, offered the North Koreans a regular supply of high quality forged $B!H (Bsuper K $B!I (B (and similar) US dollar bills as well as an Asian amphetamines monopoly in exchange for a promise they would continue acting as the $B!H (Bbad guys. $B!I (B They also provided them with nuclear weapons and missile technology as a part of the package, according to multiple sources.

However, the Kim Jong-un regime is tired of being the Asian boogey man for Nazis and other Western fascist groups. That is why they have begun revealing many of their secrets such as the true story of Yokota Megumi.

Yokota has been reluctant to reveal herself in the past because the fact was she preferred the life of Empress of North Korea to the dull middle class life that would have awaited her in Japan. Now, however, she has gone to meet her parents in Japan and reveal her true situation. This is being widely reported on the internet in Japan but the fascist control grid on the newspapers and TV is still keeping these new revelations under wraps. This information embargo will be broken soon.

The remnants of the Nazi puppet regime in Japan are terrified of the world at large learning about their criminal activities, including the Sarin subway gas poisoning attacks and the March 11, 2011 Nuclear and Tsunami mass murder.

For that reason two of the major North Korean agencies in Japan, the Sokka Gakkai Buddhist Sect and the North Korean Citizens Association of Japan are being actively blackmailed by Nazi puppet police agents.

In specific, they are being threatened with prosecution over a 15 billion yen slush fund of money taken from fraudulent welfare receipts and managed at 5% a year interest on their behalf by Mizuho Bank, according to the yakuza boss and other sources.

In a further sign of hysteria, the Nazis recently took a bunch of dupes and agents from Hong Kong and had them land near a secret US missile base on the disputed Senkakau (Diaoyu) islands to raise a Chinese flag. According to Chinese government sources these agents were all bribed to visit the Islands and were surprised they had been allowed to land there. It is difficult to imagine unarmed Chinese agents arriving on a fishing boat to be allowed to land near a secretive US missile base without US permission. Later of course, Japanese dupes were brought to the Islands as $B!H (Bretaliation. $B!I (B

This show aimed at provoking jingoist sentiment in the region is really just a sign of moral bankruptcy by the Nazi regime that seized power in the US.

Another agent, the puppet president Lee Myung-bak of South Korea also cooperated in the latest foolishness by provoking nationalist sentiment over another small batch of disputed rocks lying in between Japan and South Korea.

Of course, all of these maneuvers are being interpreted as nothing more than signs of desperation and moral bankruptcy on the part of the old regime.

The new Chinese government to be headed by Xi Jinping has already begun preparations for big changes in Asia this fall. The recent slowdown in the Chinese economy, for example, is linked to a purge against banks and industrial enterprises that $B!H (Bgot too independent $B!I (B from the Chinese government during the last regime.

There is also a major anti-corruption campaign being prepared for the arrival of the new regime. One example is the masses of empty greenhouses set up near Beijing for the sole purpose of collecting government subsidies, the Chinese source says.

In any case, the White Dragon Society has proposed to the Asians and their BRICs and non-aligned movement allies that the time has come to make a decisive move. One recommendation has been for these nations to offer to buy up all existing US dollars (except those linked to derivatives and other fraud) and replace them with a new $B!H (Bworld dollar or yuan. $B!I (B After a certain period, all of the members of the 150-nation anti-imperialist alliance would then refuse to accept old dollars issued by the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate.

In Japan as well a decisive move against the old regime will be made but we cannot divulge any of the details at this time.

The regime changes due this autumn in the US, China and Japan will provide a wonderful opportunity to deal a decisive blow to the genocidal Nazi cabal.

The people of the world are tired of thugs and criminals provoking wars and mayhem and spreading lies aimed at causing trouble and discord amongst peoples. The time has come to demand that these thugs cease their anti-social behavior and rejoin civilization. We want world peace followed by a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and create an ideal planet. After this, the research money spent on war and mass murder will be dedicated to health, improved life, increases in bio-diversity and peaceful expansion into the universe.

Benjamin Fulford $B8EJbF;%Y%s%8%c%_%s (B 090-3439-5558


 http://www.forbes.com/forbes/2000/1030/6612066a_2.htmlapan's Dirty Secrets
Benjamin Fulford, 10.30.00

SANAE TAKAICHI IS BEING pursued by the yakuza, Japan's gangster element. They have sent her letter bombs, sabotaged her car, vandalized her garage and repeatedly threatened to kill her. "If I leave my car unattended for ten minutes, the tires will be punctured," she says. "Many times I have come close to having a fatal accident on the expressway as a result of this sabotage."

That Takaichi, 39, hasn't been able to get serious help from police or attention from the Japanese media, even as the gangsters shadow her in public, is noteworthy because she is not an anonymous citizen. She is a TV personality and a member of parliament for the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. "I have been informed the gangsters work for a rival within the LDP," she says.

Criminal harassment of an elected representative, with impunity, is not a freak occurrence in the world's second-largest economy. It is merely part of an epic slow-motion battle between reformers, who want to turn Japan into a "normal" democracy, and an old guard that prefers the corrupt status quo. The outcome could be as decisive as the Meiji-era reforms opening the country to the world in the 1860s. At stake is whether Japan will enter another 50-year productive spurt or see its 10-year economic slump continue indefinitely.

Japanese leaders say they are serious about tackling the endemic and sometimes violent corruption that is a little-recognized (by outsiders) part of the national life. Prosecutors have been at work on some high-profile cases. But Japan's political system has seen such flurries of attempted reform before.

Given Japan's importance in the world, this not simply a domestic issue. The 1997 Asian financial crisis, which then spread to Latin America and eastern Europe, traces to Japan, according to analysts such as Vincent Truglia, who looks at sovereign risk for Moody's Investors Service. Essentially, the crisis started when Japanese banks were forced in 1997 to begin a $61 billion pullout of Asia because domestic loans, often to politically connected companies in the real estate and construction industries, had gone bad. Even now, a decade into Japan's downturn, banks are reluctant to pull the plug on such borrowers.

Banking is one of many industries where corrupt old habits distort economic activity and prevent the sweeping deregulation essential for recovery. Japan cries out for change as loudly as the familiar sound trucks blare screeds of racketeer-friendly right-wing parties.

For now, the old guard uses manipulation of the media, unfair elections, bribes and brutal intimidation to maintain control. This past summer's election kept the LDP in power mainly because Japan's countryside is ruled by a semifeudal system in which politicians distribute tax money to construction companies, gangsters and farmers in exchange for kickbacks and votes. Since a rural vote is worth as much as five city votes, the ruling coalition can maintain a firm majority in the parliament with just a minority of voter support.

But the problem is more than constitutional. A ranking gang source, speaking to FORBES, says yakuza are used by LDP politicians, as well as some from the opposition Democratic Party, to fund their campaigns. How does this work? One giant example: When the $14 billion Kansai airport was built near Osaka, mob members were informed of where access roads would go. They then intimidated residents along the proposed routes into selling their property. Parcels were resold to the government for a premium, much of which was plowed back into politicians' pockets. In an assertion strongly disputed by the Kansai Airport Authority, the gangster says mob-controlled companies also substituted industrial waste for the uncontaminated landfill that was supposed to have been used. Again, huge kickbacks went from the gangs to the ruling LDP, he says--common public-works practice. Yakuza also trade stocks on behalf of politicians, he says. In order to prevent the transactions from being flagged under insider-trading laws, the trades are split among hundreds, or at times thousands, of small accounts. He rattles off names of senior politicians, including recent prime ministers who, he says, have close ties to gangsters.

"I often meet people at political receptions who later turn out to be yakuza," admits Seiko Noda, ex-minister of Posts & Telecommunications.

What Noda refers to euphemistically as a "socialist system" in the countryside has helped push Japan into what Moody's notes is the highest level of debt for any major economy since the end of World War II: 140% of GDP. Moody's has downgraded Japan's sovereign debt rating twice in the past two years because, even assuming Japan's economy grows at a moderate rate (an optimistic assumption given a shrinking population), the deficit would continue expanding at least until 2005, at which point gaps in Japan's pension system would start to emerge.

2 of 4 continues

Page 2 of 4 from Japan's Dirty Secrets
Benjamin Fulford, 10.30.00

Japan's multinationals are not oblivious to the situation. Nobuyuki Idei, chairman of Sony, grows visibly angry as he describes how supporting "government operated" industries (he is referring to monopolies in areas like energy and telecommunications, as well as the rural-construction economy) severely handicapped companies like Honda, Toyota and his own. Idei vows Sony will keep fighting to reform Japan.

Ordinary citizens are also trying to fight back. When citizens in greater Tokyo sued over voting disparities, Japan's supreme court, filled with LDP-selected hacks, ruled in September that giving a rural voter 4.98 times the power of a city voter was consistent with democracy. The decision coincides with LDP resistance to efforts to allow a jury system in Japan, says Kohei Nakabo, former head of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations and now head of a committee to reform the legal system.

"The judges vote in support of the government because they are part of the system," he says. "Politics are twisted because the courts don't function properly." As a result, he adds, backroom deals, gangsters or bureaucrats are used instead of the legal system 80% of the time.

"Japan's legal system is like the old sword that Japanese families like to take out to show they have Samurai ancestors but that they never actually use," says Charles Stevens, a partner at Freshfields, an American law firm with a branch in Tokyo. A dysfunctional legal system allows, for example, a single farmer to inconvenience tens of millions of people by blocking expansion of Tokyo's Narita airport over a tiny plot of land. Overall, this is forcing Japanese companies and foreign companies operating in Japan to use U.S. courts and U.S. contract law, he says.

Many of Japan's laws are vague, and bureaucrats, who often contradict one another, are seen as being above them. "Japanese lawyers will call a bureaucrat and ask if something is allowed, and then give legal advice based on that," notes Stephen Roith at Clifford Chance LLP, another foreign law office in Japan.

Frustrated by officialdom, but inspired by a successful campaign in South Korea to publish a list of corrupt politicians, a group calling itself Expel Political Misfits compiled its own roster for Japan's latest election. "No newspapers except the evening tabloids [filled with cheesecake photography and derided as unreliable by the mainstream media] would publish our list," says Zensaku Sakurai, head of the group. Japan's state-run NHK broadcasting group did not even mention the existence of this group, even though it reported extensively about the similar movement in Korea.

Japan's private-sector news gathering isn't much better. Four newspapers and their associated television networks dominate the media. These also failed to publish the list (with the exception of the Asahi Shimbun, which printed only half) because, they told FORBES, it wasn't important enough.

"The only thing that is safe for newspapers to write about is the Yomiuri Giants baseball team, because 60% of the Japanese public supports them," says Osamu Shimogiri, editor of the Nikkan Gendai, a racy tabloid that did publish the so-called Ombudsman list. His paper, like other independent media in Japan, is shut out of government press briefings.

The gang source has an alternative explanation for the blind eye of Japan's media. He says ruling party politicians often use yakuza to suppress newspaper stories: "A yakuza boss will visit a senior editor at a newspaper, give him an envelope full of cash and ask him not to publish a certain story." If this method fails, he says, a gangster may work his extortion on a corporation, pressuring it to threaten to withdraw advertising if a story is published.

Or, the intimidation can be more direct. This year the editor and deputy editor of Uwasa no Shinso (a magazine whose name means "the truth behind rumors") were stabbed by gangsters after publishing allegations that Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori was arrested at a house of ill-repute as a youth. When Mori later sued the magazine for libel, police refused to give the court access to Mori's criminal files.

3 of 4 continues

Page 3 of 4 from Japan's Dirty Secrets
Benjamin Fulford, 10.30.00

Reporters for the Asahi Shimbun in the Osaka area have been receiving death threats from gangsters, and many are living apart from their families for security reasons, according to an Asahi reporter there.

Japan's police are rarely any real help. Many police officers in Japan retire into gang-linked industries. Pachinko, for example, is openly practiced as an illegal, $200 billion gambling industry.Its ranks are filled with retired police. "We use retired officers to tell us when there are going to be raids on illegal casinos," the gang source says.

Even much-publicized police raids in recent years on sokaiya (racketeers who threaten to disrupt shareholder meetings if not bought off) have netted only a few, small, independent operators not linked to the big gangs. The great majority of Japanese companies still prefer paying off gangsters to enlisting police help, lawyer Nakabo says.

Japan has honest investigators. Katsuhiko Kumazaki, head of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office, probed corruption at the Ministry of Finance and in the banking industry in 1997 and netted several indictments. However, as he closed in on higher-ranking officials he was transferred to a remote rural district.

After the 1997 financial crisis, reformers were temporarily put in charge of cleaning up that sector in Japan, resulting in the closure of several prominent banks and securities firms. Recently, however, the reformers have lost power, and the government is again attempting to cover up problems in the banking system, according to a financial attach from a G-7 country.

Last month the country was shocked by the death of Tadayo Honma, a former central bank governor who'd become chief executive of Aozora Bank, successor to the shuttered Nippon Credit Bank. Was it a suicide? The police will only say they will not make a case out of his death. Honma was found slumped against his window with a cloth wrapped around his neck. This was the seventh such sudden death of a senior government official or head of a big bank since 1997. All were either investigating corrupt lending or due to testify at investigations into financial corruption.

Leaders use the cooperative nature of Japanese society to their own advantage, says Yoshio Oshitani, a specialist in moral instruction at Japan's Ministry of Education. One example: During the so-called Recruit scandal in 1988, when the ruling party feared it might lose power, Japan's corporations were asked to order employees to vote for the LDP. Interviewed at the time at companies such as Nomura Securities, workers said "of course" they would comply.

Recent comments by Prime Minister Mori that "the Japanese people need to understand clearly that Japan is a sacred country centered around the emperor" raised a furor because they recalled prewar mass brainwashing.

"The emperor was a symbol of absolute and blind obedience to authority, and that still influences the way Japanese people think," says Sakurai of the Expel Political Misfits group.

Yet the old order's grip on power, tight as it remains, ultimately will loosen. LDP supporters are concentrated among the old and rural. The party has very little support either in the growing cities or among voters under age 50.

Page 4 of 4 from Japan's Dirty Secrets
Benjamin Fulford, 10.30.00

In addition, as the downgradings of Japan's sovereign debt by Moody's indicate, the country is simply running out of the money needed to maintain the rural patronage system the LDP depends on. Meanwhile, uncorrupt, globally competitive companies like Matsushita, Toyota and Sony are accounting for an ever greater share of Japan's GDP while inefficient and corrupt sectors like construction, distribution and agriculture continue to wither.

Will there be help from the outside? Not much. U.S. policy toward Japan remains blind to dirty dealings. Ambassador Thomas Foley admits, "Japan has a dark side." But he makes it clear that his first priority is maintaining a U.S. military presence. He can't do that and undertake some quixotic push for reform.

For the immediate future, the pattern of the past decade will probably continue: massive public works spending triggering false recovery followed by recession. The long-term investor in Japan has to pray that the political reformers and the efficient multinational companies gain the upper hand.
end October 30, 2000 article

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