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Carnism: The Psychology of Eating Meat

A very good presentation about the gap meat eaters have between their natural empathy towards animals and how they get their dinner.

god not this crap again 28.Aug.2012 16:55


Plants are not the same because they do not have thoughts, feelings, or a nervous system.

They are not sentient beings. They do not care if they are grown in a pot in a house, or in a mountain meadow somewhere. They want sunlight and nutrients from the soil. They don't have nerves.

rex 29.Aug.2012 04:43


how do you know that they don't? It seem pretty fucking egocentric to make a claim like that.

Here is my claim: any one who thinks that plants can't think or feel, obviously is a lesser organism who lacks the ability to sens these thing and should be made into fertilizer for the higher beings.

My claim is just as valid as yours.

The Food Police 29.Aug.2012 10:44

sick of it

Tell each of you what, eat what you want, quit trying to force your beliefs on others and just generally Shut The Fuck UP!!!!

ok 29.Aug.2012 11:35


if you make a claim, it is up to you to provide the evidence.

If you claim plants think and feel, then prove it.

It is not up to me to prove negatives. The burden of proof is on you.