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Fuck Willie Nelson

smoking weed and 911 cynicism sells a lot of records
"Lovable 'Ol" Willie Nelson, the redneck's favorite pothead, has signed on with the Republican National Committee to entertain the gathered faithful in Tampa this week. Nelson, a supposed fan of the 911 Truth movement and a rabid advocate of pot legalization (more High Times covers than Jerry Garcia) apparently sees no contradiction in taking a starring part in the family reunion of the crowd who enabled the attacks in the first place. The crowd that considers pot use "immoral" (Paul Ryan quote. I guess pushing weed and 911 truth helps sell records with a certain segment of Country music lovers, because that's the only reason I can see that 'Ol Willie keeps up that image of 'cowboy radical'. But just give him an opportunity to play for millions on live TV and all his 'left leaning' credentials go flying out the window. Et tu, Willie? And Ron Paul? There he is too, pretending not to support Republicans while praising the likes of Ronald Reagan, the most reactionary, uneducated fascist boob that ever woke up in the White House on a regular basis. RP just stated that if they had "gotten OBL" years ago, 3,000 lives would have been saved on 911. In another words, Ron Paul supports the official bullshit wholeheartedly. And Alex Jones has nothing to say about any of it. His sudden silence is deafening. It's easy to see who's full of shit right now and it ain't pretty.

context is key 28.Aug.2012 14:18


The concert Willie is performing is being put on by a non-partisan veterans assistance organization called "Got Your 6".

The funds from the show are going to that organization.

The same organization is also putting on a show at the DNC as well. I'm not sure who is performing at the DNC.