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Huuricane and Deep Horizon

There will be mud
Up in smoke
Up in smoke
The upshot of this commentary is to conjecture on the fate of deep horizon pollution and Isaac.

Perhaps stirring the pot a bit will help oxidize the sludge that I suspect still exist. Indeed the waste from Katrina likely will be mucked up as well.

A quick survey of this topic is scant, so time will tell.

Some are more concerned with oil production. You just can't burn your money quick enough. And winter heating oil
cost maybe impacted too, but I digress...

Now the hydrocarbons used to sink the oil may be stirred up. It was never clear what was used, but as a guess it could have been freon or dichloromethane. The later being cheaper, but both chemicals are quite regulated. So what was used?

Anyway good luck to nature.

PAH and Crude 30.Aug.2012 07:47


No contact of crude.

Appears oil is a muck.

 link to www.southernstudies.org